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Project A and Yan Collazo to present “If it is not too late”

The song was recorded between Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Colombia

In a fusion of talent and passions, the Venezuelan group Proyecto A and the Puerto Rican artist Yan Collazo They join their voices in a new collaboration that promises to move the hearts of salsa lovers.

The single “If it is not too late” is an interpretation full of emotion and nostalgia, which is based on a story of heartbreak and pain shared between friends.

The song, a version of the Argentine's original song Luciano Pereira, was recorded between Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Colombia, showing that the union of cultures and the love for music that transcends borders.

“If It's Not Too Late” tells of a man's longing to recover the love he lost, begging for a second chance to right the wrongs of the past.

Love for fans

Regarding this topic, Proyecto A expressed that “it is a project full of a lot of love for the public. We are attentive to the networks so that they give us their opinion, enjoy it, criticize it and let us know what they think and how they receive it; It is made for you.”

The collaboration is not the first between these artists, since Yan Collazo previously worked with Proyecto A on the hit “Athrough the glass”, together with the Aguanilé Orchestra. “When there is respect and admiration between colleagues, there is always the desire to record together,” shared Collazo, while highlighting the honor that this new musical union represents for him.

The musical and vocal direction of the release was led by Sebastián Velásquez, who is a key player in defining Proyecto A's distinctive sound and previously collaborated with Aguanilé. The production of the single took place at EBD Records Ccs in Venezuela, while the video clip was filmed in Bogotá, Colombia, under the direction of Luis Ache Hernández and Jota Mendoza. The video captures the artists living the story of heartbreak, alternating with scenes where they perform the song for their audience.

The release of “Si no es very late” comes at a key moment for salsa, a genre that is reemerging strongly in Latin America. Salsa rosa, in particular, is one of the most loved and acclaimed styles by fans, and this single promises to be a new anthem for fans of the genre.

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