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Patricia Schwarzgrubber: "Everything I've experienced I would live again the same way"

The Venezuelan actress makes her film debut in the film "La chica del alquiler"

Patricia Schwarzgrubber assures that she has never worried much about building one of the many characters that, in her 20-year career, she has done on stage and on television.

Now, by the hand of director Carlos Caridad Moreno, he makes his film debut with the film “the girl for rent“, which will hit theaters across the country next week.

In the story, Patricia gives life to Lorena. “An impeccable woman, who does not allow herself not to be fixed. She is a hard worker. She is looking for love and, although she finds it, she is not happy. She is not a woman with bad feelings, but she is with clear objectives, ”commented the actress.

The film is a comedy, in which Daniela Alvarado and Augusto Segnini also participate, among others. The story begins when Lorena leaves her future husband standing at the altar.  

Photo: Cheo Pacheco

— How many traits of yours does the character have?

— No role in my career has cut my brains out. I read the character, I study it and as it turns out I do it.

— So what were Lorena's characteristics that made her accept it?

— Not only the character was what made me accept the role. It was everything: the actors, the director whom I didn't know personally, but I did know about his career. When I left the meeting the director made me feel so good. He was so comfortable, so beautiful that I did not hesitate. And then the work was easy to do with him, because he helped me a lot.

— Was it difficult for you to adapt to the rhythm of the cinema?

It's a different process. They are different rhythms, because a soap opera can take you an indefinite time. I can't stand the close ups from before. I have a lot of expression when I speak and I should have controlled my hands, because in the cinema everything looks bigger. At first it gave me a short circuit, because I had to plan what to do with my children.

— What did your children tell you when they heard the news?

Are you going to be at the movies? Since I have my parents it is easier. They are a great support. My kids are with me 24/7 for everything.

— Together with her sister Érika they are constantly questioned and criticized for their private life on social networks. What does she say to her detractors?

— Together we have the Be Happy brand and I use that name to ensure that I am too be happy. I have no reason not to be calm and happy. I have my children and parents healthy, which is the most important thing. Everything I've been through in life has been worth it. And everything, everything would live the same again, because that was necessary to have the life I have now. Thanks to all those experiences I am the woman I am

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