Patafunk is Dancing for his High Life! musical

He is also a DJ and producer

The singer, producer and DJ Patafunk pays tribute to his varied influences with the premiere of the video clip Bailando, directed by Julien Crebassa & Charlie Darmanin.

It is part of his recent production High Life! (Greenpoint Records, 2020), available on streaming platforms around the world.

Dancing uses the beach love of its author, the radiance of his Caribbean instinct made song. That relationship between the sound of the waves, the magnificence of the sea and the sound aura that nature inspires and its sunny atmosphere: "It's the song that most resembles me on the entire album."

High Life! appeals to collective musical experimentation, in which Carlos Eduardo Martínez, together with the co-founder of Greenpoint Records and co-producer of the album Daniel “DJ Zev” Dinov, summoned more than 30 musicians and collaborators to participate in this plate.

“All the experiments that we were asking ourselves were made: brass, children's choir, strings, electronic beats mixed with real percussion, a lot of energy involved”, concludes Patafunk.

Recognize the influences of legends like Beach Boys, Sublime, some of their idols. "All the music that has influenced me."