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Oscarcito: I promise you a disgustingly wild rumba

The Venezuelan singer described himself as "happy and grateful" for the tour that is about to begin.

The singer Oscarcito expressed his happiness for the tour he is about to undertake and that will reunite him with his fans. Via social networks, he mentioned that there are eight dates that have been confirmed so far, which will take him to several cities in his native Venezuela and Latin America.

“Damn 🙈… I guess I'm back on stage… Thank you God… run to the highlights (there are few tickets left),” commented Oscarcito via Instagram, showing that he is ready to return to the stage and share his music with the world.

The performer of hits like “Besos de chocolate” and “Reggaetón con gusto” continued by telling his followers that “They don't know how happy and grateful I am. I promise you a disgustingly wild rumba ❤️‍🔥”.

The return to the stages of Venezuela

After several years of absence, Oscarcito returned to the country where he was born. He first came to visit, but plans immediately arose for him to offer shows.

First he offered a free concert in Petare, a neighborhood in Caracas. His commitment to his fans led him to perform in popular areas such as Petare, where he shared his music and his joy with those who were eagerly waiting for him.

He then called on businessmen and authorities to help him repeat the experience in other areas, especially in El Valle, where he grew up. His intention is to bring his greatest hits to those who cannot afford a concert ticket.

At the same time, Oscarcito (who now calls himself Yakozuki, in homage to Japanese culture) confirmed that he will sing to Lima, Peru, on June 6; Buenos Aires, Argentina, on June 7; one day later, on June 8, in the Chilean capital; On June 14 he will do the same in Bogotá, Colombia; and on June 16 he will take to the stage in Medellín, Colombia.

In Venezuela he will also offer several shows. So far three dates have been confirmed: on June 21 he will sing to Urachiche, Yaracuy; On June 22 he will sing to the public that comes to Wynwood Park, in Valencia; and that same day he has an appointment with his fans from San Diego, Carabobo.

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