Oscar D'León: Salseros let us take ground

The sauce is still valid

Oscar D'León is celebrating 49 years of career. Since the first time he was mounted on a stage next to the Latin Dimension, there have been many hits that have come out of his throat such as Llorarás, Mata Siguaraya, Padre e hijo, El Frutero, Detalles and La Mazukamba, among many more that are in list.

Outside of some sporadic breaks due to dates or schedules, Oscar's was taken over for years. However, the pandemic caused their presentations to stop for more than a year. He will resume them on November 29 with a show in Miami. He hopes that by that time the markets are more active.

This is one of the projects with which he hopes to reactivate. The other is a duo with his compatriot Mario Cáceres, with whom he recorded a song that, although at the time of the interview he did not remember the name, "I am sure it will be successful."

"How have you managed to be on stage without almost taking a vacation?"

-There are a lot of things. I can name you the care of the image, the media. Always renewing yourself is important and not neglecting the public. We take advantage of the fact that you (the media and journalists) support us in this regard to reach the masses and allow us to remain in force.

- It seems that you never get tired, or do you get tired?

—It is contradictory because what we do does not allow us to have rest. If not, the thread is lost. This year that I haven't been singing is terrible. When I'm making my arrangements, I take advantage and sing to always keep my vocal cords. There are a lot of people who don't care about that and when they go out to sing then it's terrible. I have always had the criteria to take care of ourselves. The exercise, the vocalization, the validity with the themes. Everything ready for when it is time to return.

- You have sung everything. What is missing to sing?

"Whatever it is possible to sing we do. We are always prepared for the responsibility that comes our way in life. Address countries? We hope that the spaces will be opened. We are sure that it will open amazing. Artists have to be prepared for that moment.

- What are your next plans?

—We have some songs but we have to put up with the case of my boys, like Servando and Florentino, who had a success with their concert. And now Marc Anthony is coming ... Then I can't go out myself, because I'm not going to go out to be second.

I did a song with Mario Cáceres. We're just waiting for him to release it. I feel that it is going to have an important acceptance.

- Did urban music take the lead from salsa?

- Urban music has not taken ground away from us. We let ourselves take ground. Those of the salsa genre have to adopt more promotion and resources for the snowball that sonar represents. We have to find the resources for promotion. Imagine that I go down the street and they ask me if I am still singing. We are looking at how to go about promoting because this demands much more.



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