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HomeChévereNatti Natasha premiered the censored video for "Algarete"

Natti Natasha premiered the censored video for "Algarete"

The singer says that YouTube blocks her content for allegedly being "too strong"

Natti Natasha premiered "Algarete", a song in which she shines dancing and is carried away by sensuality, highlighted People En Español. The video clip debuted on her website due to YouTube's censorship of its explicit content

“It is a song that is dedicated to all those people who, although they no longer have the same opportunity to go out as before, when they do, they relive their years of intense jangueo and have a good time. For this song, the nights in Paris inspired me and I love the result because you can feel the same vibe that I was feeling when the idea of ​​making this song occurred to me," said the famous singer in an interview with the aforementioned site.

The lyrics of the new song talk about a night out ready to do anything to have a good time.

“YouTube blocks me”

“In my last videos, my work team has told me that YouTube blocks me and I lose the algorithm because my content (supposedly) is too strong, which I consider exaggerated. I decided to release this video via my official website to make sure that all my fans, around the world, could enjoy the new, without restrictions”, he pointed out.

The music video, which was recorded in Miami and directed by Rodrigo Films. In the audiovisual images, Natti Natasha is seen surrounded by exotic dancers in a club, dancing on the pole and giving free rein to her sensuality in a game of seduction with a man. 

“'Algarete' is part of a different moment in the life and career of Natti Natasha. “It is a stage of a lot of learning, many challenges and a lot of personal and professional growth. My family, and all those beings who from my beginning until now continue to support me. They are the ones who inspire me to keep going,” she noted.

Like all women

Natti Natasha has had to balance motherhood with her artistic life. “I enjoy every second, because I know that the days go by and she is growing. She is very intelligent and a blessing for me, so I enjoy every moment with her, and that is why I divide my time to be able to share with her, ”he commented.

The urban artist said that her daughter Vida Isabelle inspires her in every way, and that's why she wants to be better for her. “She may not realize right now what I've been able to overcome, what I've been able to overcome, how I focus on her and her work at the same time; and how I broke barriers for her. How I focused to give real love to her. My wish is that she can do everything that I am born to do for her, with her children and with the people around her. May she grow up to be a woman of all good, in every way, ”she reflected.

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