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Nacho explores his religious side in 'Alabaré'

Nacho explores his most religious side in 'Alabaré', a song that he claims is his most successful work. The production, whose video clip already has more than 137 thousand views on YouTube, highlights the collaboration of Christian rappers Redmi2, from the Dominican Republic, and Alex Zurdo, from Puerto Rico.

“Who would have thought that the definition of success would change so radically for me?” asks the Venezuelan singer in an Instagram post, who is preparing for his return to the stage with Chyno and Nacho, the duo that gave him success. know.

“Today I feel, despite having written and sung so many songs, that this is the most successful. And it's because before I came out I was already in the hearts of people who believe that there is no love greater than the love of God," the singer-songwriter then added.

To another level

“Enjoy 'Alabaré' on your favorite digital platforms and a great video directed by Anthony Millán. Thank you Redmi2 and Alex Zurdo for taking the topic to another level,” the artist also commented.

The song was composed by Nacho, although it has lyrical contributions from his Christian colleagues. The production was in charge of the Dominican Maffio.

The video clip alternates images of Nacho in Canaima and that of his colleagues in the studio. “Thank you for the privilege of making me part of this. Glory to God,” commented the filmmaker about the audiovisual and the experience in general.

“Oh, Father, just as the Nazarene gave his life so that he could forgive me, I give my heart to you. I will praise your name I will praise it. I will praise your glory, I will praise it. and I will wash away my sins my sins with the forgiveness that you have given me”, is part of what Nacho sings in the song.

Positive reactions

'Alabaré' got the approval of a large part of the 40-year-old artist's followers.

“I love this song,” said former miss Rebeca Costoya, while actors Marjorie Magri and Yul Bürkle highlighted “the beauty” of the song.

Likewise, other Internet users commented: “The Creature is a new Creature, baby. You can do everything through Christ who strengthens you”, “More songs like this, please, this is what we need for our children”; “Ugh, breaking it. Glory to God, Nacho”; “A global meeting: Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico”; "I love it"; and “Only Nacho could achieve something like that. “Brutal banger.”

Nacho did not make it clear if 'Alabaré' marks the beginning of a change in the lyrics of his songs, or if he will continue along the path that has made him famous with songs like 'Báilame', 'Andas en mi Cabeza', 'La Buena' or 'Pretty girl'.

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