"My mommy Karina" seeks to teach expert and first-time mothers

Karina Jaimes
Photo: Courtesy Karina Jaimes

Tenderness and love invade the Venevisión magazine “Portada's” with the incorporation of the segment “My mommy Karina”, hosted by the Tachira host Karina Jaimes. In it, expert and first-time mothers will have a space for the exchange of knowledge, while female students, professionals and single women will find a place for their personal growth.

In an interview with Chévere, Karina expressed feeling satisfied and motivated with the initiative, which is broadcast Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 a.m.

“I really feel that I am fulfilling a dream, a personal and work goal. Labor because I feel that there was a need for a space in television dedicated to mothers, not only for babies but also focused on everything that includes being a mother, ”she explained.

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