Mulla exhibits the work of Fabián López

The master blacksmith Fabián López was recognized by the Museo de los Llanos as Artisan of the Month, to kick off its first edition in 2021.

The artistic work of López, during the last 20 years, gave him the seat in the Barinese cultural arena that will exhibit his work, through his social networks @amigosdelmulla and @fundacionmuseos, on instagram.

Currently, López is fully dedicated to virtuous blacksmithing, a technique he performs using ferrous recovery materials, and with which he has managed to cross borders within and outside of Venezuela.

Within his plans for 2021, the artist plans to hold a series of exhibitions of the artisan work of fellow artisans from different municipalities of the Barinas state, starting with the Bolívar municipality.

The maker. Fabián López was born in Caracas in 1975, lived his childhood in the city of Barinas and at the age of 15 he moved with his family to Barinitas, Bolívar municipality of Barinas state, there, throughout these two decades he has dedicated himself to work with iron and solder.

His specific technique is metal modeling, he has participated in exhibitions such as Explosión Bicentenario in 2016, at the Museo de los Llanos, and in 2016 at the Eurobilding hotel, reported Naylet Sierra, executive director of the Museo de los Llanos, reported in a note from press.

Sierra recounted that it was “approximately in the year 2000, when the Venezuelan creator Fabián López began to work the blacksmith shop next to his father Bertulfo López, after seeing him one day making a Don Quixote in iron, and immediately felt the vocation
artistic to dedicate himself to this branch of the arts ”, he said.

The Young Artist of the Month program is an initiative that seeks to enhance, promote and disseminate the work of national artists in its various aspects.

Begun in 2020 from the National Museums foundation, the program has been in charge of serving as a virtual and face-to-face space, so that young and established Venezuelan talents can exhibit their works and artistic proposals in the virtual spaces of the institution.