The Miss Universe 2020 will be in May

Zulia Mariángel Villasmil will be in charge of representing Venezuela

The Miss Universe 2020, the most important beauty pageant in the world, will be held on May 16 in the United States, according to a leaked email; and which was sent to the franchisors of the same.

Contrary to what were the previous editions, in which the candidates arrived a month before to the corresponding city; at this time, activities will begin the week prior to the election.

Zulia's Mariángel Villasmil will be in charge of representing Venezuela in this competition, which will bring together more than 70 young people from the same number of countries.

The election of Miss Universe 2020 was scheduled to take place last December, but due to the pandemic it was postponed. In early 2021, the new owners of the contest informed their allies that two elections would be held. One in the middle of the year and one in December, as has been tradition since the Trump era.

For the Venezuelan who will go to the contest corresponding to 2021, the virtual castings of Miss Venezuela will begin in March. After the online selection stage, the chosen ones will go to the face-to-face sessions, where the candidates will be defined. The election of the new queen will be in September of this year.