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Miss and Mister Tourism Venezuela: with very clear goals

Stephany Abasaly and Joseph Daniel Pérez have many reasons to celebrate and also stress, after winning Miss and Mister Turismo Venezuela, respectively.

Both will travel in November to their international commitments. She will go to China, while he will go to Brazil.

—How do you feel after having won the titles of Miss and Mister Tourism?

S: We feel great love and enormous pride in being able to represent them nationally and internationally. Before we were Miranda and Bolívar. Now we are Venezuela.

J: I had tried it on another occasion, but due to an accident I had I couldn't. I made a dream and I already crossed it out. I'm going for the international one.

—What is your extra letter in your luggage?

S: We have learned to prevent anything. Soaking up everything we have and encouraging people to come and get to know our entire territory. We Venezuelans have a charisma that I have not seen anywhere else in the world. That is what is distinctive and what I best carry in my suitcase.

J: The warmth of the Venezuelan cannot be found in another country, but since it is me who is going to travel, I have the mission of being me in Brazil... May they feel that warmth and realize who we are, not only because of our culture but from the heat of the people.

—What is the charm of your states that you will promote in your respective contests?

S: I can't choose just one place in my state. It has to be a set because each one has its charm. I want to connect people with Angel Falls, Roraima.

J: The Brazilian is characterized by his flavor when dancing. They are very party-goers. And in the state of Miranda you dance well. I dance a lot of casino salsa and I'm not going to give up (laughs).

—Have you already determined who your competitions may be in the contests such as miss and mister?

S: I feel that Latin Americans always stand out. Just as I will do it, the rest of the Latinas know it too. Personally, I don't like to pigeonhole myself or impose anything because the idea is that everyone flows on their own. I'm going to China to spread all that good vibes that I want to bring.

All these learnings allow us to create a panorama that favors us, so we will not waste any opportunity.

J: I always evaluate my competition. I have already checked them and I think that the one from Serbia is a strong representative. Likewise, I am very sure of myself, confident in my talent and eager to win.

—Is this triumph a springboard to the artistic world for you?

J: My goal is the artistic world when I finish beauty pageants. I like singing, above all.

S: I still haven't decided if I'm going there. For now, I'll stick with the economy.

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