Mery de los Ríos's bikini collage

Before times of economic decline, Miss Venezuela lived up to her aura of majesty. From there came the commonplace of "The great event of the Venezuelan beauty." And, as such, mini-contests were held to deliver the special awards. Of course, as I tell it, paid by their sponsors.

Likewise, several came together in the Presentation to the press, the first approach of the media with the contestants, who in two parades showed their attributes to critics, experts and the many waves that are usually in this type of encounter.

The smiling women came out dressed in black, with a tight suit with an opening in one of their legs and raffled the first test. Shouts, cheers and applause reigned in those moments and, obviously, the first names of the favorites began to emerge. That of Cynthia Lander, who would ultimately wear the crown on her head, was one.

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