"The Masters of the Universe" comes to an end on Netflix in November

Photo: Courtesy Netflix

Netflix finally revealed that on November 23 the second season of "The Masters of the Universe" will say goodbye, with an epic ending, to its platform. The spinoff, inspired by the popular animated series «He-Man«-From the 80s-, it caused a sensation with five episodes, of around 25 minutes each. Aired, during its first season on July 23, exactly four months have passed.

Little is known about what will happen in this twist of the screw. Skeletor has established himself as the "Lord of Destruction" and now has two invincible swords of power to crush the resistance and seize Eternia. Prince Adam has also decided to leave paradise behind, after dying and earning a place in this heaven. He will return to the earthly plane and face the skull-faced villain again.

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