Lucía Valentina: people with disabilities also have dreams

Lucía Valentina transmits great charisma and enthusiasm when communicating. His special condition as an autistic and his visual impairment has not been a limitation to develop his career as a professional singer.

At the age of four, she surprised her family by interpreting a well-known song by Juan Gabriel, a song that she would later sing, as a child, during a concert by Olga Tañón, one of her musical idols. Later, he would become known on Súper Sábado Sensacional, in his successful appearances in 'Yo si canto', a talent show of Venevisión.

Now, at 19 years of age, he recently premiered on his YouTube channel the video clip of “Fiesta”, his current promo that climbs to the top of the Record Report radio billboard. The theme, of the urban genre, is by Marlon 'Mane´ Bolaño and is a hymn to optimism that he dedicates to his young audience.

“Recording the video for 'Fiesta', directed by Miguel Mardeni, has been a very beautiful experience. Before I didn't move my feet during the dance, but with the help of my choreographer, Yénesis Brito, I followed his instructions and said 'I'm going to move my whole body. I met Mardeni when I participated in Súper Sábado Sensacional and now we meet again ”, he explains about the filming carried out in the Plaza La Pastora in Caracas. “I want to show that people with disabilities also have dreams. Sadness has to turn into joy. I want to make your heart happy with singing. The only disability that exists is a bad attitude ”, the artist points out with her characteristic optimism.

On her instagram account @soyluciavalentina, the singer maintains contact with her fans. Thanks to a cell phone application, which transforms text comments into audio, the artist responds to each of her followers.

Lucía Valentina was born in Barquisimeto, Lara state, on October 29, 2001. Her mother, Linda Barbosa, affirms that she was surprised because Lucía Valentina, -because of her autistic condition-, at the age of four still did not say a word and suddenly began to sing “Amor eterno” by Juan Gabriel (popularized by Rocío Dúrcal), from beginning to end. Lucía Valentina participated in regional music festivals during her childhood and excelled in different genres, such as Venezuelan music and ranchera. Since 2010 he participated in the reality show “Yo si canto” on Venevisión.

In 2016 Lucía Valentina performed a massive concert in Plaza Diego Ibarra accompanied by her live band, within the framework of the Sounds Caracas Festival. He presented a pop repertoire and opened the show with the theme “Otra oportunidad”.

The young singer currently has the support of Producciones Oye, a company run by José Ángel Demey, which includes artists such as Lasso, Jonathan Moly and La Melodía Perfecta on its staff.

All of his artistic and marketing activities are under the supervision and executive production of Enzo Cassella.