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Lion Lázaro fulfilled his dream of meeting Marc Anthony

The Venezuelan singer Lion Lázaro was finally able to share with his idol Marc Anthony, whom he met at an event at the foundation co-created by the New York salsa singer, Maestro Cares.

“A dream come true for me to meet and share with my idol @marcanthony at the big @maestrocares event. His words and advice make them continue to trust my talent and the salsa genre much more,” Lázaro wrote in a post on Instagram along with a video with the singer. "Pale Flower".

It should be noted that the aforementioned foundation carries out work for communities in 16 countries in Latin America and the United States, work that has led it to positively impact the lives of 15 thousand young people and families.

Rumbón of Caracas

The interpreter of “For my people” He is also happy because everything is ready for a night of pure salsa at the Rumbón in Caracas, next June 20 at the Simón Bolívar Monumental Stadium.

“Who is going with me to the Rumbón de Caracas this June 20 at the Monumental Simón Bolívar?” Lion Lázaro shared in another publication on the aforementioned social network.

In addition to Lázaro, stars such as Oscar D' León, Jerry Rivera, Grupo Niche and Víctor Manuelle will also be in the show, along with Proyecto A, Afro Criollo, Carlitos Bronco, Nathan Lorca, Jackson Explosión Latina, among others.

Return to Caracas

Another thing that makes the Venezuelan salsa singer happy, as he highlighted in his stories, is that Marc Anthony will sing again in Venezuela. The New York native will perform in Caracas with his “Historia Tour 2024” at the Monumental stadium in Caracas Simón Bolívar, on August 27.

In a post shared by the show's organizing company (Invershow), it was reported that ticket sales points in the Venezuelan capital will be active starting June 5.

According to the aforementioned company, the public will be able to enjoy the event from different areas, each of them identified with the name of some of the most popular areas of Caracas such as Petare, Caricuao, El Valle and 23 de Enero, among others.

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