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Lele Pons: I'm excited to show the hottest trends

Lele Pons launched her first line of swimsuits in collaboration with the Chinese brand Shein, highlighted People En Español magazine. The collection will have an edition that includes bikinis, sarongs and resort clothes or to enjoy on the beach.

“My inspiration for this collection reflects all kinds of different styles and looks because I want people to feel like there is something for everyone. I wanted to talk about everyone's unique tastes, whether it's chic one-pieces, chic bikinis, cute sarongs, and more. I hope people find looks to express themselves this summer,” Lele said in an interview with the aforementioned site.

“For me, I like to describe my style as a little bit of glamour, a little bit of comfort and a lot of fun. When it comes to swimsuits, it's really about beach chic, so I wanted to incorporate all of those elements. Choosing the pieces for the collection was the best part of this partnership because I love accessorizing and Shein gave me a lot of room to play here,” she added.

The interpreter of “Piketone” On different occasions she has shared her taste for swimsuits, in addition to breaking stereotypes by showing her cellulite.

In trend

Regarding her favorite trend for this year, Lele Pons opts for bright and daring bikinis. “From neon blues and greens to hot pinks and prints, I'm excited to showcase summer's hottest trends in my collection,” she said.

With the new venture, the Venezuelan wants women to feel confident about themselves when wearing swimsuits for the next summer vacation.

“As I said previously, my hope is that everyone feels safe using the collection. That also means wearing whatever swimsuit or accessory makes them feel their best. My biggest tip for feeling confident in your swimsuit is to lean toward styles that complement your personality. As someone who strives to be cheerful and happy every day, I feel most confident in things that are bright, fun, and a little sexy. Choose styles that allow me to be myself,” she emphasized.

Tribute to Venezuela

It is not the first time that the 27-year-old businesswoman has shared her ventures. In 2019, Lele ventured with her makeup line in which she paid tribute to Venezuela.

The collection focused on basic, accessible and easy-to-use products. The line consisted of shadows, natural colored lipsticks, blushes and false eyelashes.

In that project, Lele Pons used Spanish names for the different products in the collection such as Piña colada, Venezuela, Playa and Loca are some of them.

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