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The Lil coat | Prayer Chain

Many people in the Caribbean become familiar, thanks to music, with the different religious strengths that emerged from black Africa. Shangó, and Babalú and Orula, and the necklaces, and Cabo'e (Cabeosile) and Alafia became familiar to us, and we sang 'Ecuajei' as Ismael Rivera without knowing that it is a call to Oyá, the owner of the wind and the cemetery according to the Yoruba.

 Cabo'e. 1967. On the trumpet the unforgettable Pedro Chaparro. Venezuelan

Celina and Reutilio. 1.949


Babalú with Miguelito Valdéz

Tell me why. Ismael Rivera and his Ecuajei


However, there are many who speak about the religions of black Africa in a low voice and deny
some connection with them. That is why Adalberto Álvarez in his famous song "And that you want
that they give you ”sings: From Africa they came / and among us there were / all those
warriors / who passed my culture: Obatalá Las Mercedes, Ochún is La Caridad, Santa
Bárbara Shangó y de Regla is Yemayá… ”“ There are many who tell you / who do not believe in anything / and
They are going to be consulted early in the morning ”. Music has permanently sustained the beautiful
truth of that Matria that many only name from the mouth out without understanding their

African religious forces are the most closely related to nature: smells, flavors,
colors and sounds are enhanced, adding to that the depth of their life values.
-If you don't know where you are going, come back, so that you at least know where you are coming from.
-What is known is not asked.
-They made divination for Nini (the one with). They made divination for Aini (the one without).
Take from the hand of the one who has to give to the hand of the one who does not have.
-When your father or an older person tells you to do something, you should do it quickly, and
send someone else to do it so they don't catch their luck.


It has been an arduous resistance struggle to ensure that the beliefs of African religious systems are respected. The West does not need to give its endorsement, but the rank and consideration they deserve in a world that fills up its mouth talking about Diversity, Democracy and religious Freedom. The Jesuits long ago resolved those contradictions. Our dear father Numa Molina may well say so.

That is why we are still waiting for the Yoruba prayer, how beautiful they are, to be seen in the Daily Prayer Chain at 8:00 pm on VTV, so that Obatalá also protects the health of our people.

My godfather Eduardo García -IFA AGBAYE- (he was in charge of me when Jhonny Pérez died) is Babalawo and Theologian, and it is a delight to talk with him. I can pass your details to be contacted. In the same way, in the Center of African Knowledge directed by the wise Reinaldo Bolívar, VTV can find supplies to open the horizon of the expected but very limited Chain of Prayer, which initially had the participation of the Orthodox, Anglican, Muslim church , the organized evangelical (almost official) and the Catholic, almost always in charge of army priests, but who have not yet had the prayer of the Yoruba or black Africa. Coherence is what is asked for.

I asked my godfather to take a prayer to Yoruba for Venezuela and he in turn made the request to Taiwo Abimbola Aragba, son of Wandé Abimbola who is the Awise Ifa, 5th World Spokesperson in the Hierarchy of Elders in Oyó, Nigeria .

Prayer for Venezuela
In Yoruba:
Obatala, Orisa ti ilera ati ti gbogbo nkan ti or tan si aye yii.
Agbara Imọlẹ ti Ọlọrun ṣẹda lati pari ati mu awọn iṣẹ Rẹ ṣẹ lori ile aye.
Adura lọdọ Baba Olodumare lati bo aye ati Venezuela ki or si daabobo kuro lọwọ ibi gbogbo.
Niwaju Ọlọrun a beer idariji fun awọn ẹṣẹ wa ati awọn ẹṣẹ ti awọn arakunrin wa jakejada
gbogbo agbaye, nitorinaa ti or bẹbẹ fun Ọlọrun ati ninu ayeye rẹ, a ṣe ojurere si a jọba ijọba,
Alaafia ni ilẹ wa Venezuela ati ni gbogbo agbaye. Àmín

In Spanish
Obatala, Orisa of health and of everything that shines on this world.
Light Energy Created by God to complete and fulfill his works on Earth,
intercede before Our Almighty Father to cover Earth and Venezuela and
protect them from all evil.
Before God we ask for forgiveness for our sins and the sins of our brothers in everything
the entire world, so that you intercede with God and through your intercession we are favored and reign
Health and Peace in our land, Venezuela, and throughout the world, Amen.

Aché for Venezuela

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