Kobi Cantillo prepares several surprises

He will meet with other urban interpreters soon.

Kobi Cantillo relaunched his latest song titled Hechizo. Big Soto, Adso Alejandro, Cauty and Jerry Di himself participate in the remix version, who participated in the original recording.

Also for this renovation the four got together to participate in the video clip. “It was a meeting that came naturally. That people will notice as soon as they see it, "he said.

Cantillo did not rule out that at some point in his career he could record another genre, such as salsa or merengue. “I studied music and since I was little I have liked all genres. I don't like to pigeonhole myself into one. Now, for example, I am with the urban, but I still have a long way to go, so I can surprise my fans shortly, "he said.

Regarding new projects, the singer-songwriter said that although he does not have a streaming show scheduled for the next few months, he confirmed that he will participate in a collective song that Micro TDH advances and in which Big Soto, Rayner, Neutro, Jerry Di also participate. "It is a very cool project that will be ready in the next few months," he assured.



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