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Karina shined over a poor sound

Although there were technical problems, the public supported him well

What started on the right foot, with impeccable sound in the DJ mixes and in the cover presentations of the artists Thalía Samarjian and Zarik Medina, was then lost with Karina's show, the most anticipated by all her followers, in the around Plaza Francia in Altamira.

At 9:25 pm she came out on stage dressed in a shiny black top and pants outfit to begin the evening, which lasted one hour and 45 minutes, full of her hits and nostalgic eighties versions.

Twenty-two songs were the ones she sang with an admirable audience that always accompanied her in her choirs, despite the effort to listen to it and even to be able to see it, since the screens were disconnected every moment until they stopped turning on again.

With “One more queen” he began his show to continue with “High-heeled shoes” and give it more strength with “How strange is love”, the success of his first record production.

Nostalgia and melancholy rose in tone in those present when Karina performed other songs such as “From my window” and “How strange is love” to continue with versions of “My life is you” by Rudy La Scala, “He lied to me” by Amanda Miguel, “Ámame” by Marlene, “Selva” by Elisa Rego, “I am not a lady” by Melissa and even the sticky merengue “Tus ojos” by Diveana.

Although Kiara's voice could not be heard either, she accompanied Karina on stage to sing “Tesoro mio”, “Descarado” and “Qué bello”.

“I feel sorry that I wanted to scream”…

The humid heat and the occasional brawl in some points that dispersed quickly did not dampen spirits, although complaints from spectators continued, as their star deserved to be heard well.

Eight more songs were enough to continue giving everything on stage, which could not end without “Sálvame” and “Sé como duele”, with which he said goodbye.

There the audience left without knowing that Karina would return with the interpretation of “Tonada de luna Full”, by the remembered and beloved Simón Díaz, to close the show at 11:10 at night.

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