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HomeChévereJuliette Pardau showed a preview of "Tía Alison", her new soap opera

Juliette Pardau showed a preview of "Tía Alison", her new soap opera

The 40-episode project awaits a premiere date on RCN

With the premiere of the trailer for her new drama for RCN, in Colombia, the Venezuelan actress Juliette Pardau broke the silence on Instagram. For weeks, she Pardau had been away from the world, dedicated to the recordings of a project that she had given little air to and that still has no release date.

On Netflix, his character from the bow tie, continues to attract subscribers who keep the telenovela “Hasta que la plata nos separe” in the first places of the top 10 series. But, for her, the time has finally come to pass the baton and continue with something new that will possibly bring her similar or greater success.

“Great project in which we have left our soul. The reason why I am 'absent' from the networks, enjoying and creating together with a wonderful combo that I already feel like a family… We sincerely hope that you enjoy this story as we have enjoyed it. Thank you to my management team for so much commitment, support and containment, ”said the Venezuelan in her last post where she released the official preview of“ Aunt Alison ”.

From drum to drum

At 36 years old, Pardau savors the success of her work in Colombia where she settled in 2016. Previously, the well-remembered protagonist of the films "Papita, maní, tostón" 1 and 2, had shared a photo with some of her classmates. cast at the start of production last March.

Today, with more details and as the trailer shows, it is discovered that Alison is looking for a better life for her family by getting the United States visa. From there she hopes to help everyone in her house but the twists of fate have another plan for her. In what the clip narrates, the woman must return to Colombia to take care of her nephews after the death of her sister and goodbye her dreams, hello nightmare.

A crazy situation comedy makes its way, with high doses of drama and romance, framing an adventure that will connect the bad guys and the good guys. "She is loving, hard-working, understanding and a good pimp," Juliette Pardau announced about the character on the camera's social network. She accompanies him as a lover Rodrigo Candamil, 46 years old. The actor from Cali gave life to Martín Tejeiros in the latest version of "Café con aroma de mujer". So far the drama will only have 40 episodes, the success of its debut could make a difference.

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