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Jerry Di premieres “Contigo”, a gift for reggaeton fans

Passion, heartbreak and a lot of desire overflow from “Contigo”, Jerry Di's most recent single that premiered last night, Thursday, June 6.

For days, the Venezuelan singer had been counting the hours until the launch until the date finally arrived. “WITH ME OUT NOW!”, He titled his social media post with which he announced the premiere.

“It is definitely difficult for me to avoid including desire with love in reggaetones, and I also know that you love it, for all the whimsical ones who desire intensely, I give you this one. I love them. Go listen to it NOW. “GO GO GO!” said Jerry Di.

"@yiyidejalacaer LA LEGENDA in the instrumental once again demonstrating that our reggaeton has no comparison, it is much richer in colors and shapes. Enjoy it,” concluded Omeba Soto, the real name of the young man from Caracas.

More than suggestive

For “Contigo,” Jerry Di let himself be carried away by carnal desires. The daring lyrics speak of the desire he has to achieve intimacy with a woman who has a partner.

“Months have passed and I have already seen you twice with that goggle. I don't know but it seems to me that he doesn't know you like I do, baby... Don't fool me, love, I know what you're feeling, baby... In the Dominican Republic, imagine you and I being more than just friends, making love on the beach... divine “chama, it’s with you,” reads part of the song.

The video, a 3:09 minute visualizer available on YouTube, shows a beautiful model with white skin and light hair posing in a photoshoot with different looks, while interacting with the camera that records the moment on video.

At the close of this edition, the video has 11 views and 798 thousand “likes” on YouTube, while there are 1.8 comments that received good comments on the topic.

The reactions

Jerry's fans did not miss the premiere and expressed what they think about the new song that is part of “Asilo Collections”, his most recent album made up of five parts, as detailed Últimas Noticias.

“Now let's listen to it until my ears bleed”; “The Jerry we all missed”; “From Venezuela to the world”; “The Jerry Di Fans from Argentina present and enjoying this piece of great song”; “It went up 10 minutes ago. We are firmly supporting Jerry”; “Come on man, you are the only hope for you to be a world artist. It's your moment" and "To dance it and dedicate it... brutaaal #fansclubjerrydiVzla“, are some messages left by the singer's followers on the video platform.

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