Ismael Miranda returns to Intensive Care after complications

Veteran Puerto Rican salsa singer Ismael Miranda was transferred again to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a San Juan hospital, because his oxygenation and arterial gases "began to change" as a result of a stroke that he suffered two weeks ago .

This was reported this Saturday by the musician's relatives in a statement on the artist's Facebook page, in which they indicate that after Miranda "had presented an improvement and was transferred to a regular room," he suffered such mishaps yesterday, Friday, returning to UCI "to be able to provide the necessary care," EFE reported.

"At this time, as a family, we ask all of you to continue praying for Ismael's health and ask that God give the doctors the necessary wisdom to provide him with the necessary treatment for his speedy improvement and he can leave the hospital, so to be able to have him at home and that he can enjoy with his family, friends and the public that loves him so much, ”said the Miranda Battle family.

"Seeing the love of God translated through friends, medical doctors and fans from around the world has raised our hands," added the Puerto Rican artist's relatives.

According to the musician's family, Miranda was transferred from the ICU last Thursday "to the ward to continue his recovery from this delicate intervention."

"As we previously communicated, this process will take time, but thanks to all the prayers, our Ismael has left the UCI plant," added the family.

Miranda underwent surgery at the end of January for complications in the cerebellum, his relatives reported.

Similarly, the family reported that the virtual concert "Ismael Miranda, A Legend for History", scheduled for this Saturday, on the PassLine platform, "will be suspended until our beloved Ismael is recovered."

Ticket returns will be refunded directly from the PassLine page, the family said.

Miranda underwent surgery due to a stroke, which is why he was admitted to a hospital.

The 70-year-old artist underwent surgery on January 23 on the advice of his doctor after suffering complications in the cerebellum.

The singer had been hospitalized since January 22 due to dizziness that led to the decision to keep him under observation.

Doctors, after subjecting him to several tests, confirmed that the singer suffered from a stroke.

Miranda celebrated her 2019 years in the world of music in 53.

In his career stands out having been part of the Sextet Pipo y su Combo, and the group of Andy Harlow y su Sexteto.

In 1967 he made his first record recording with Joey Pastrana entitled “Let's Ball”, in which a teenager Miranda scored his first radio success with “Rumbón melón”.

With the good impression caused by his performances with Andy Harlow, his brother, Larry, decided to recruit him to his orchestra.

Convinced of the potential of the young singer, in 1968 Larry launched a new production entitled “Harlow Orchestra presents Ismael Miranda”, which was followed by the recordings “Electric”, “Tribute to Arsenio Rodríguez”, “Harlow's Harem”, “Abran paso” and "Opportunity".

At the age of 19 he joined the Fania All-Stars, becoming the youngest singer in this group, earning the nickname "El Niño Bonito de la Salsa".

At the height of the salsa boom, Miranda broke through with spectacular force in 1973 by launching the production "This is how a son is composed".

The success would later accompany him with songs such as "La cama vacante", "La copa rota", "Borinquen has montuno", "Como mi pueblo" and "Las cuarentas". 



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