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Irene Esser: “Resilience is one of the most important things”

Irene Esser dreams of consolidating her international career as an actress, although she does not abandon modeling. The actress and Miss Venezuela 2012, in fact, has just starred in a photo shoot for a prominent digital magazine, to which she also gave an interview.

It should be noted that Esser has just played an important character in the second season of Max's Spanish series 'The Immortal', a role with which he identified despite being in a very different world from his own.

“I tend to identify more with the most recent thing I have done and, although he is one of the most distant characters due to being of another nationality, working in shady businesses and many other things that are far from my reality; Paulina in 'El Inmortal' was a character that showed me the reality that a woman involved in a 'men's business' can live,” she noted.

A hustler

Paulina is described on the series site as a born survivor, a hustler. “Raised on the streets of Veracruz, she very soon began working for 'El Manos', a mobster at the service of the Tijuana cartel. Paulina moves Manos' coke through the tourist clubs, whom she also scams with a group of girls from the band. Thus she meets José Antonio (an important drug trafficker) and Rober (a friend of the former), on a night of partying in which Rober falls at her feet. In addition to being Rober's partner, she joins the band upon José Antonio's return to Madrid," they highlight about her.

“My inclination towards the arts began when I was very young. I always kept in mind that my manifestation would be on stage and since everything in life changes, along the way I realized that I could also express myself through a camera,” the 32-year-old performer told Luster Magazine. talk about the importance that art in general has had in his life.

“However, in the long term, I see myself developing in the world of entertainment, which is what I am most passionate about. “I believe that art transforms, not only the people on stage, but also the audience,” she added.

Resilience and humility

Along this path, Irene Esser confesses to having learned several life lessons, such as the important one of knowing how to adapt to changes in adverse situations.

“Resilience might be one of the most important things I have learned; Starting in a country other than my own has made me trust my talent and see beyond adversity. Humility is also a virtue that must be learned in this career, because everything that goes up has to come down at some point, like life itself,” he commented to the aforementioned magazine.

Regarding the dreams that remain to be fulfilled, he confessed that he feels optimistic about the possibility of realizing them in due time. “When I look back I realize that I have fulfilled many dreams and I applaud it because all the work I have done has a lot of merit. And when I look to the future, I believe that I am on the right path to achieve all that I am missing, which are many, such as consolidating my international career.”

Screenshot: Instagram @frandesolas

Venezuelan cinema

In addition to this, Irene Esser has also ventured into film production in Venezuela with 'Visceral', by César Manzano, a film that will hit theaters in the country on June 16. There she plays Susana and José Ramón Barreto plays John.

Although no details of the production's plot have been given, various images of it have been shared. A hammer, a map of dreams and the phrase 'Happy life'(happy life) are the images that stand out the most, along with those of the actors in the feature film.

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