Herencia and Luis Fernando Borjas together in Bésame

Borjas suggested doing the audiovisual from home

In an interview with the singer of Guaco, Luis Fernando Borjas, he spoke about the song Bésame that he had recorded for the album Herencia sin Límites in 2015. It was then that the directors of the Herencia group called him and decided to make the video clip that will be released today at 6:00 in the afternoon. 

Mónica Mancera, producer of Herencia, remembers that this album was nominated for the Cubadisco International Fair and, in addition, they reached the first stage of the Grammy Awards, taking into account that it was an "all stars" production, in which Luis Fernando participated, as well as Isaac Delgado, Mauricio Marín, Betzaida Machado, Jorge Luis Chacín, Marcial Istúriz and Chipi Chacón, to name a few, mixed and mastered by Germán Landaeta. 

When the members of Herencia called Luis Fernando to propose a "live" on the networks, as artists do today, his response was "rather let's make a homemade video so that there is a nice memory of the subject." And so it was done. 

Wish come true. Mancera says that when they were going to record the album Herencia sin Límites, five years ago, Maurice Melo composed Bésame always visualizing Borjas as the voice of the song. It was also a wish of Manuel Moreno, director of the group, that he sing one of their rhythms. "The lyrics were written especially for Luis Fernando." 

The idea of ​​the Herencia group was to perform a concert of this album with all the stars who worked on it, but it was not possible. It was in December 2019 when they were producing, along with Notes on the Network, the live performance for October and Luis Fernando was confirmed, but the covid-19 pandemic arrived and with it the social quarantine. 

The important thing for Moreno is that, in the end, the video clip made from home came to fruition: “it has to do with a history built from the technology of what the city is, the Afro-country and what it has to do directly with our heritage. There is a set of images that tell a story of how Venezuela is a kiss, we Caracas are a kiss, our music is a kiss ”.
Moreno adds that audiovisuals and music are youthful and fresh that audiences of all ages will enjoy.

This Afro-urban and contemporary rhythmic proposal features arrangements by Edward Anton; choirs by Guillermo “Memo” Arroyave, Mauricio Marín, Alejandra Sousa and Alexis Arráez; besides the trumpets of Kender Medina; trombones by José León, bass by Rafael Querales, guitar by Hugo Fuguet, piano and keyboards by Dennis León, design by Reinaldo Acosta; conceptualization, montage and post-production by Alexander García Herrera; as well as the percussion of Moreno, who was also in charge of the general and executive production together with Mancera. 

The audiovisual will be available on all digital platforms.

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