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Hate was what Bad Bunny received after new viral photos

The Puerto Rican singer remains in the spotlight

Bad Bunny's army of haters did their thing with the first images of "Cassandro", a film starring Available García Bernal. And it is that the actor and the singer put their lips together for a passionate scene that caused a stir in networks.

It is a biopic about a successful and acclaimed Mexican wrestler Cassandro, who was openly gay in nothing less than wrestling, a sport that is far from inclusive. It will premiere soon on Amazon Prime Video.

As expected, the protagonist of "El crimen del padre Amaro" and "Amores perros" was completely displaced, since all attention was directed towards the urban artist in a rather aggressive and homophobic way.

«And Titi asked him if he had many girlfriends!??!! Titi was wrong, "a user mocked, referring to the song of the bad rabbit.

Likewise, there were those who took the opportunity to continue adding fuel to the fire regarding the cell phone that Bad Bunny threw at a fan.

"Let him come out of the closet now and say he is gay, do not continue to set a bad example for children who follow him", "The gaybunny is useful for kissing men", "That is why he throws cell phones at the ladies, of course the girls annoy him », «Those men with so much money, women with power end up changing teams», «right now they are all non-binary… They don't even know what they want», were other impressions.

With God or with the devil?

At the same time, there was a user who considered that the kiss between Benito and Gael is an indication that Satan is around us. "The devil is on the loose, he is a spirit of confusion for people, we must pray for our children and the whole world because that is not what God left."

"Isaiah 5:20, NIV: Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who take darkness for light and light for darkness," someone else wrote.


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