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Greeicy and Mike Bahía: We say goodbye for a while

Greeicy and Mike Bahía surprised by announcing their musical separation, reported the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo. The artists announced the decision at the recent show in Lima, Peru, where Nacho, Piso 21 and Sebastián Yatra, among others, were also present.

“With that song we said goodbye for a while, I hope we sing again in a few years,” Mike said during the event.

“I believe that, if you turn on a little light for us, we will sing this chorus one last time. We are saying goodbye to the stages together. I love you forever princess,” she added.

Individual races

Although the artists did not give details about the reasons that led them to make the decision, they did make it clear that it has nothing to do with a romantic breakup.

Everything seems to indicate that Greeicy and Mike will now concentrate on their individual projects and thus explore new stages in their careers.

Rumors of infidelity

After the surprise of the musical separation, rumors began to emerge about the possible infidelity of the singer. "True love" in 2022.

The rumors began after Mike Bahía performed in Peru and a woman, without publicly identifying herself, wrote on her social networks: “Will they be able to have Mike Bahía on their Kiss List? I do".

At that time, the couple, who have a daughter, did not comment on the matter until, recently, Greeicy broke the silence.

“According to me, it's a lie, who knows, I don't think so. The one who told me was Mike, he told me 'look love what's coming out', I think he was traveling and so was I," the singer recalled. "Destination" in an interview with the Peruvian program 'Radio moda'.

And he added: “I feel that the day something happens or I have to find out, I feel that it will be so real that I will feel it. "I kind of didn't stop him, I've been very calm in that sense, I feel like I have a man who gives me peace of mind."

“And she was pretty, and I saw her, of course I saw her. And I said that if it was true, then she has good taste… She hit Mike because he was worried about how my family or I felt,” he also added.

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