Grecia Colmenares has covid and spoke of the danger of the virus

Photo: IG @ greciacolmenares7

The remembered Venezuelan actress Grecia Colmenares announced that she has covid-19. Via Instagram, the protagonist of soap operas such as «Topaz"Or" Beyond the horizon ", he addressed his followers to talk about the danger of the coronavirus and how his relapse has been.

An extensive statement, in Italian and Spanish posted on her personal account, served the Miami-based Venezuelan to discuss the matter and invite everyone to get vaccinated.

“After a few days of exhaustion and loss of taste, Greece immediately underwent medical checks and discovered that she had covid, despite the double vaccination. Greece wanted the news to spread to reassure fans around the world who have followed and loved it for decades and who had noticed the sudden disappearance of social networks, "is stated in the description of the post.

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