Diosa Canales gave a preview of her new single

Photo: IG @diosacanalesmusica

Diosa Canales finally showed an excerpt of the theme that will see light in the coming days. Although she has been sharing some moments of her production and recording for weeks, the star surprised her Instagram followers with a mouthful. The clip, of a few seconds, shows her with the headphones while she sings the unreleased song.

Spicy and lively, still without a name or release date, the song continues along the path that the dancer has also been developing in her latest musical projects. In the same social network of the little camera, the artist also confessed that she is close, now, to visit Mexico where she has several scheduled guidelines.

Through a source close to the interpreter of «Sexy dale»We also learned that he recorded an interview for a major Colombian television station. There he will talk about everything he promises for the closing of 2021. He did it at the foot of the pool of an important hotel in the city of Medellín where he is based.

Read the full note and watch the clip at Chevere.life



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