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Gaby Espino announces that she is "back in the ring, baby"

The Venezuelan actress is in Mexico City filming a project that makes her happy

The Venezuelan actress Gaby Espino assured that she was "back in the ring", as she returned to work in the job that brought her fame: television.

According to a post he shared on his account at Instagram, the soap opera star said she was “Happy doing what I love, with a SUPER CREW. I'll tell you soon! I only tell you that what is coming is on fire. BACK IN THE ROLL, BABY.”

Her comment was accompanied by three photographs where the presenter also poses behind a recording camera. Gaby Espino wears light blue jeans and a leather jacket, as well as simple but perfect makeup.

Very little is known about the project, it is only known that it takes place in Mexico City and that the actress will return to Miami, where she lives, to celebrate her son Nick's birthday and then return to the Aztec capital.

“Tomorrow I have a super heavy day and I'm going to sleep… I'm happy, I'm happy with what we're doing. Nothing, I can't tell you anything, ”she said in a video that she posted to his stories.

Without a rest

Espino's schedule remains more than active and since she debuted on the small screen as an actress, she has not stopped.

Her first participation on the small screen was in "Nubeluz" (1994-1996) as an animator, to later go on to play her first character, Natalia Aristeguieta, in "A todo corazón", a youth series that she starred in in 1997. Since then it doesn't stop: his name rests in the credits of 20 dramas, nine television shows and five movies.

His internationalization came in 1999 when he starred in “Enamorada”, a Venevisión and Fonovideo (United States) co-production in which he starred with Cuban René Lavan and where he shared with Lilibeth Morillo, Carlos Mata, Adolfo Cubas and Flavia Gleske.

In Venevisión and Fonovideo's “Rebeca”, she played the evil Princess Izaguirre de Montalbán and worked alongside Mariana Seoane, Ricardo Álamo, Pablo Martín, Katie Barberi, Pablo Montero, Víctor Cámara and Susana Dosamantes.

Dramatics like “El rostro de Analía”, “Más sabe el diablo”, “Ojo por ojo”, “Santa diabla”, “Señora Acero”, “Betty en NY”, “La suerte de Loli” must not be left aside. and the most recent, “King Vicente Fernández”.

businesswoman life

While squandering talent on the small screen, Gaby Espino also fully immersed herself in the business world. In principle, she has a line of lipsticks that bear her name and that she promotes on her social networks whenever she can.

It also opened Agave Beauty Bar in the city of Miami, where it offers manicure, pedicure, false eyelashes, tanning, waxing and eyebrow design services.

Recently, he shared that he was expanding. “Today another dream begins! What a great satisfaction it feels to wake up every day with new goals, with enthusiasm and with the desire to achieve so many things... See how I am fulfilling my dreams one by one, with my own effort! I'll tell you what it's about! For now I can only tell you that I feel very happy and grateful! dream! Fill yourselves with goals and purposes! And go out and fight for everything you want… That's what life is really about,” she said.

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