From Alicia Machado to Marjorie de Sousa! Top 5 actresses with the most money

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The site Celebrity Net Worth collects data on the income of celebrities, politicians and athletes from around the world. Digging through its archives, we found several well-known Venezuelan actresses whose net worth is around 4 million dollars and up.

Without citing where the data comes from, or what is taken into account to make the summation, on the portal the actress Sabrina Seara and the singer, former Miss Universe 1996, actress and businesswoman Alicia Machado compete in fourth and fifth place. Both with a total of $ 4 million in equity.

Incidentally, Machado and Seara are ahead of Hollywood actresses such as Rose McGowan ("Charmed"), whose net worth is $ 3 million on the web portal; or similar to Tatyana Ali (protagonist of the series "The Prince of Rap") that covers the same amount as Venezuelans in assets and net income.

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