Five essential books | Laura Castellanos

The work of García Märquez

Laura Castellanos is a journalist whose political training has allowed her to see reality from various points of view, but this does not mean that she has limited her taste for topics. “I read everything. What I'm looking for is a book that I like. However, my favorite authors are Latin Americans,” she said. 

Castellanos mentioned the text Live to tell it, by Gabriel García Márquez. “It was a very beautiful autobiography that knew how to weave with the magical realism to which we were accustomed. I read almost all his books, but I really enjoyed this one ”. 

Another biographical book to which he is especially fond is Paula, by Isabel Allende. “That's the one she wrote to her daughter who was terminally ill. I cried a lot when I read it, because my daughter is called the same and in some way, it affected me. 

Michelle Obama's Bicoming (My Story) connected it “from the beginning from a political point of view. I liked knowing how, while still being her, she sacrificed herself for Barack Obama. I like them for their speech," she said. 

El Camino, by Deepak Chopra, also adds it to the list, because “it has many beautiful things that move us human beings. It has to do with the power of attraction and how you make it manifest in your life ”.

Finally, El aire discreto, by Vargas Llosa. “They are several stories in one. The whole book talks about the kind of heroism we can achieve.