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Fabiana Rodríguez and her husband enjoy their honeymoon trip

Fabiana Rodríguez and her husband, Giancarlo Memoli, celebrate their honeymoon in Europe. The happy couple has enjoyed an idyllic trip to different places such as Paris and Italy.

It should be remembered that the young people got married last December, but for family reasons they preferred to postpone the romantic walk. It is now, more than six months later, that they decided to enjoy some time for themselves.

“First time in this country that I wanted to know so much and what a magical city to start our route, it seems incredible! We had some beautiful days and I can't stop admiring every little detail… Too much emotion,” the communicator shared on Instagram.

Five months later

“Gondola ride Life check. Seeing the city from the water is too special. Generally they recommend doing it very early due to the number of tourists, but we did it at sunset and it was magical, nothing complicated because there are many departure points. Unforgettable,” Miss Distrito Capital 2021 said in another publication.

The bride and groom have documented every place they visit. “I have photos of every corner because this city is inexplicable… 436 bridges that connect the 121 islands. It is a Disney for adults, everything seems unreal,” she said in another post.

In love with Paris

Fabiana and Giancarlo have shared a memorable trip as newlyweds. Judging by the images, the couple has a loving relationship full of details.

Days ago, the lovebirds began their adventure in France, where they were seen enjoying the city of love.

“Day 1 – Paris… We arrived straight from the airport and didn't stop until 2:00 in the morning. With 48 hours without sleep we walked 18 kilometers to this impressive city that welcomed us with a sunset with two rainbows,” Fabiana Rodríguez described in the post.

The next day, the model and her husband visited the Eiffel Tower, the dream place of many newlyweds.

“The protagonist of this city and of our day… The Eiffel Tower is freshly painted, 2.5 tons of paint are needed to make it this impeccable. Because of the Olympics, the maintenance is deep and the movement of the city is crazy. From everywhere it looks impressive and imposing,” they shared along with a carousel of photos.

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