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Esteriore Brothers will bring the Italian flavor

The Venezuela Symphony will accompany them in their presentation in Caracas

Piero, Mimmo, Gabriele and Amedeo, Esteriore Brothers, prepare their best pints to perform next May 28 in the Ríos Reyna room of the Teresa Carreño Theater.

This will be the first time that the brothers of Sicilian origin are in the country, with a show full of many covers of Italian songs of all time, but also some unreleased ones. They will be accompanied by the Venezuela Symphony, under the direction of maestro Joshua Do Santos.

From little Switzerland (in northern Italy), where they currently reside, the Esteriore brothers commented that they are “very excited and we can't wait to get to Caracas. We are on the other side of the world and, from here, we have been excited about this presentation. It will be a two-hour concert, with a lot of Italian music and the premiere of the Spanish version of 'In love', our new promotional single of which we did a version in Spanish with Joan Morales in Miami. We chose Caracas for its launch in Spanish,” said Piero, the older brother.

Regarding the repertoire, he said that although they focused in the first part of their career on songs from the 60s and 70s, such as “Volare” or “Será perché ti amo”, “we are the representation of Italy. So much so that our album, which will be released simultaneously with our visit, is called 'Viva Italia'."

They stated that they are aware of the number of countrymen waiting for him on this side of the world. “We have visited a lot of countries, but we couldn't wait to see them. That's why we wanted to record in Spanish. We have done it for you.”

Between the oldest (47 years old) and the youngest (27 years old) of the Esteriore Brothers, there are two generations that have helped them put together their work. “We are, perhaps, the first Italian group that wants to make known to the new generations that this is a music that does not die. They are songs that stay in your heart, in your ears.”

Although it is not the strong point of their music, they move between pop and rock, they assured that they know “a little of everything about you, because salsa, merengue and reggaeton also come here. Let's break the ice a little. 'Innamorato', for example, is joyful; Ritornerai has touches of urban music. We seek to show the influences of how we have grown; make a guitar mix, with our voices always present.”

Tickets for this concert are on sale at the theater box office and on the Maketicket platform.

And around the house...

In addition to the orchestra, a trio made up of Venezuelans Déborah Emperatriz, Humberto “Beto” Baralt and Cristo Vassilaco will open the brothers' concert.

Without discarding the idea of ​​being able to record together, and maintaining the trio over time, they, thanks to Martín Figueroa's arrangements, will perform songs by artists such as Luis Miguel, Juanes, Shakira, Carlos Vives, Rocío Durcal and Ricardo during their presentation. Montaner.

This trio will be joined by the singer and composer Rafa Pino, who will return to Caracas in this way, to present his proposal of traditional Venezuelan fusion.

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