Eliana Roa went to Miss Grand International

The typical costume of the Venezuelan

Eliana Roa, Miss Grand Venezuela 2020, left for Thailand to participate in the Miss Grand International, in its after covid-19 edition.

For the occasion, the Venezuelan queen wears a dress named Caroní, Orinoco's bride. It is a work of art that brings together the beauty of rivers, flowers, toucans and other species that make life in the Bolivar state.

“Many years ago I was in Guyana and I was impressed by the Caroní River. When you see the waterfall in the Cachamay river, you take your breath away, it's something that wow! ”, Described the architect, theater director, set designer and costume designer Antonio Bethencourt, who is the creator of the fantasy costume.

He added that the suit "is a tribute to the geography of Guyana and represents not only the beauty of the Venezuelan woman, but of the land itself."

Roa left to be ready in Bagkok next Monday, March 1, which is the deadline for the arrival of the candidates. The young women will have to fulfill a mandatory 14-day quarantine before starting the official activities of the contest. The final gala is scheduled for March 27, when the Venezuelan Valentina Figuera will crown her successor.