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Elena Rose: I have never been afraid of dying, but I have been afraid of not having lived

The Venezuelan singer admitted that she would like to be reincarnated a thousand times

Elena Rose reflected on life, death and reincarnation, controversial topics for some, necessary for others and highly discussed in times where New Age is gaining ground.

The singer, who calls herself “Warrior of Light,” said that she would like to be reincarnated a thousand times. “I have no choice, I love this place very much. I understand little but I feel a lot. And nowhere does it feel the same,” admitted the “Me deserve it” interpreter. as

“The smell of tangerines, the laughter of someone you love, goosebumps, 'good morning' in any language. Look into the eyes, want to turn back time. Forgive,” she added.

Remember what you forgot

The composer, also the mastermind behind some of the hits of Ricky Martin, Karol G, Selena Gómez, Rauw Alejandro, Becky G, Myke Towers and a long etcetera, continued by ensuring that “here you are born free but no one tells you that. Everything becomes the long road of remembering what you forgot and finding what lives in you. Your freedom. To yourself. Crazy". as

He also told his followers on Instagram that when they learn to love perfect imperfection, they will want to do it forever, while admitting that before he was looking for answers and now he wants to ask better questions.

“I have never been afraid of dying, but I have been afraid of not having lived,” concluded the young American with Venezuelan roots, singer of “Caracas en el 2000”, a musical success on all musical platforms.


Elena Rose's message coincides with the release she made last Thursday of the song and video clip for “Orión”, a feature with the Panamanian Boza. but

Regarding the song, the blonde admitted that it is one of her favorites. “I can be your safe place…
I WANT TO SEE ALL MY ANGELS DANCING THIS😍. 'Orion' ft. @bozamusic It's already everywhere💘 Did you hear it? Venezuela and Panama in the house❤️❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥”, the artist mentioned on Instagram.

“What a thrill to see them dance this🥹❤️ pure consent, I love them,” he said later, upon receiving the interaction from his followers.

At the close of this edition, the clip on YouTube had 151 thousand views, 10 thousand likes and 579 comments. also

“ELENA ROSE IS THE NEXT LATINA TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD. WHAT GREAT TALENT AND CREATIVITY VALEEEE”; “The gathering we didn't know we needed”; “A song that is enjoyed from beginning to end. With lyrics that even talk about emotional responsibility without having to talk about sex, use vulgar vocabulary or stigmatize the female gender!!! Click! Click! I play it over and over again” and “Someone tell me where the button is to stop hitting repeat. Elena you are my new favorite female artist. She looks the best”, were some of the messages generated by the premiere.

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