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Édgar Ramírez gets good reviews with “Dr Death”

The Venezuelan actor plays the doctor Paolo Macchiarini, questioned for murdering several patients

The second season of “Dr Death” has Édgar Ramírez as the protagonist. In the miniseries, which can be seen on Universal+, the Venezuelan actor plays Dr. Paolo Macchiarini. The doctor became famous for transplanting the first synthetic organ in the world and subsequently experimenting on human beings.

“Dr Death” is inspired by the third season of a podcast of the same name that tells true stories. In this case, of doctors who harmed humanity.

Eight episodes go after the truth of this Italian doctor who murdered seven of the nine patients he treated with his “miraculous technique” of tracheal prosthetic implants. The events occurred between 2011 and 2014 and were part of at least 20 transplants carried out in countries such as the United States, Great Britain, Sweden and Spain.

In the operating room

Using flashback and flashforward, the story shows how the international medical community supported his experimental techniques. “We address the rise to the top and then its fall,” Ramírez told El Comercio. “The emerging eminence of medicine will have its success and heyday questioned due to revelations that will call into question its methods and shady medical procedures,” adds the official synopsis.

Involved in the case, the North American investigative journalist from the NBC network Benita Alexander, played in the fiction by the singer and actress, is also shown. Mandy Moore. This woman not only praised the man's work but she was also committed to him. “The duo works on camera and it shows, but the talent of the Venezuelan is such that the actress is blurred in several scenes due to the stage power of her partner who demonstrates, once again, her mastery in facing real characters,” For its part, the What to see portal exposes.

Likewise, to La Nación, Édgar Ramírez said that “I didn't like Macchiarini” and called him “arrogant and aggressive,” considering him the darkest character he has given life to. He “He was manipulative and pathologically narcissistic.”

To meet the challenge, Édgar Ramírez confessed that he watched several documentaries and reviewed publications that talked about the doctor and his power. He also consulted with specialists in the field to give more depth to his interpretation.

The story based on true events debuted on Universal+ this May 15 with weekly premiere episodes. On Netflix you can see a documentary series inspired by the character and titled “The great surgeon of deception".

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