"Dune" - Prepare for something great and sublime

Photo: Courtesy Warner Bros.

Majestic, futuristic, prophetic. Denis Villaneuve's new film "Dune" is a masterpiece in apocalyptic times. With the cinema on the edge of an abyss, trying to survive the onslaught caused by the coronavirus, hope in the great cinematographic package is renewed with the arrival of this adventure in theaters. It is as if the same messiah who awaits on the planet Arrakis has arrived to bring us all out of the slumber we have been in for so long.

From minute one, its soundtrack, sound effects and monumental images suddenly take us to a planet blessed by water and nature. Its ruler must seal a pact, pushed by the emperor of the galaxy, which will change the life of the family of this ruler with a noble heart; whose son hides a secret of magnitudes as brutal as the majesty of the empire built by the House Atreides to which they belong.

This condition will also bring peace and hope to the oppressed of Arrakis, a planet plundered by House Harkonnen, as it is the only one in the universe with inexhaustible sources of a species that is capable of prolonging life and giving special powers to those who consume it. A kind of oil eight thousand years later to our era.

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