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“Intertwined”, from Disney +, returns with more music and drama

The seven episodes of this second season hope to boost a third as much

The second season of the musical series "Entrelazados" arrived this week on Disney+ with new ties to untie. The project that connects family ties and time travel gives continuity to the story, with more music and songs, according to its protagonists.

In the new season, Marco (José Giménez Zapiola “El Purre”) travels from the 90s to 2021. He does so thanks to the bracelet discovered by Allegra (Carolina Domenech), to try to stay in the present with her.

Meanwhile, the three women of the Sharp family -Cocó (Elena Roger), Caterina (Clara Alonso) and Allegra- will receive an offer that is impossible to refuse. Specifically, to take the work "Light Years" to another level, a project that will put several mysteries and new characters into play.

This time, the Sharps will be more "relieved" to indulge in music and romance, reported the EFE agency with access to the cast.

“I got really emotional in rehearsals reading Allegra back,” said Domenech, a character who suffered greatly in the first season.

“This season Allegra is more candid. It is in a more mature place. Listening to herself, having more patience”, described Domenech, who wanted to give her character “depth and sincerity in her relationship with others”.

Roger pointed out, for his part, that it was easier to give Cocó “another sincerity”. He also said that her character will continue to "humanize" herself, after recalling that she "is always misinterpreted in her actions." Especially because of that "old diva" way of acting that she goes for deceit even though she does things for love.

Along the same lines, Alonso reported that Caterina is "more relieved and aligned with her passions and with love."

family ties

The series, made by Pampa Films and Gloriamundi Producciones, revolves around new time travel. These will be caused by the mysterious bracelet, to investigate Marco's family history.

The theme of healing family ties is "deepened" and the story "gets richer," Roger stressed.

In this sense, Roger -who has starred in emblematic musical comedy works in London, Madrid, New York and Buenos Aires, among which "Evita" and "Piaf" stand out- considered that the message he leaves for young people is "the understanding towards adults. Mainly because children think that "the adult has it super clear and, in reality, the adult is also going through their own miseries and their own situations."

For Alonso, in this season "the possibilities of the story are widened" with "new conflicts and new travel possibilities that seem to complicate everything." For this reason, he agrees with other actors that, from a dramatic point of view, he "has much more juice." Alonso had already worked at Disney in the 'reality show' “High School Musical, the selection” and the film “Tini, the great change of Violetta”.

To delight its fans, the series arrives with new original songs and covers of classics, such as "Summernights."

"Entrelazados" is a production made in Latin America for the whole world with seven chapters, 40 minutes each. After the success achieved, its actors agree that there will be one more season: "The second is going to promote the third," said Roger. But that remains to be seen.

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