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Detectives Sandler and Aniston return to Netflix

The actor couple repeats in the sequel to "Murder Mystery" that arrives on March 31

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston they will be in detectives for Netflix again. They will be seen together in the sequel to "Murder Mystery", whose first film was released in 2019. And why are the Spitz returning? “We love murders!” Sandler jokes in an interview with EFE in Paris, where part of the plot takes place.

“We don't like murders,” Aniston clarifies, trying to maintain a professional poker face during the presentation of this film. Its premiere on Netflix is ​​scheduled for next Friday the 31st.

“In the first we were young, rookies. Now we understand the murder. We love murder!” Sandler reiterates between laughs, ignoring his partner.

The real dynamic between these two American superstars, who have already filmed three films together, is quite similar to that of the couple they play in the saga that began with "Murder Mystery", made up of Nick and Audrey Spitz.

“We like being married and we make each other laugh,” notes Aniston. "Yes, we like being married and the only way to do it is in the movies," completes Sandler.

less clumsy

In this new installment, directed by Jeremy Garelick, the policeman who can't shoot and the hairdresser-turned-detective will again be involved in a homicide. In true Agatha Christie style, the potential clues point to themselves.

If the first, set in a luxurious ship, was a crazy reinvention of "Murder on the Orient Express", in "Murder Mystery" the formula is partly repeated, with touches of Bollywood, of "Mission: Impossible" and even some "Emily in Paris".

But above all, what sets this sequel apart is the amount of action it contains. “Much more action,” Aniston sums up. “Triple action!” completes Sandler.

"We started our own business," Aniston begins to detail the plot that leads the two protagonists to create their own investigative agency.

"That! A business movie! ”, Interrupts Sandler, triggering a new murderous look from his partner, who almost immediately bursts out laughing.

More of the story

Four years after solving their first big mystery, the Spitzes have resigned from their jobs and are trying to keep their own private detective agency afloat, without much success.

A wedding invitation from his friend the Maharaja (Adeel Akhtar), with all expenses paid, seems like a perfect occasion to disconnect from work and marital stress. Obviously, until the celebrations are interrupted by a new murder and the kidnapping of the boyfriend himself.

“It's our job, to make people laugh,” Aniston explains of her good on-screen chemistry with Sandler. “We tried, certainly,” he adds.

Partly jokingly and partly -perhaps- seriously, Sandler assures that the three films they have already shot together (the two from the Netflix saga written by James Vanderbilt and "Just Go with It", from 2011) are just the beginning. .

“We planned, for the end of our lives, twelve movies together,” Sandler certifies with humor.

mutual admiration

Of her co-star, the protagonist of titles like “Uncut Gems” stands out above all how much she cares for others and how fun she is. “She literally takes care of me more than I take care of myself,” he says.

"I do it for Jackie (the actor's wife) and the children," says the star of the "Friends" series.

She wants Sandler to have a "long life," he says, though the actor wouldn't mind dying "tomorrow."

"What?!" Aniston is alarmed upon hearing her partner's comment.

“I've had enough,” Sandler quips. “You have children,” she recalls. "Jackie would be sad, you're right, but no one else," jokes the interpreter.

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