Celia dead?

Photo: EFE

One of the characters that it was always a pleasure to interview was Celia Cruz. It doesn't matter how many times you visit Venezuela. It doesn't matter if it was for promotion or to sing live. To have her face to face, with her voluptuous body, her infinite collection of wigs, her aerial shoes and her artistic nails. Talking to her was like talking to an aunt that one has not seen for a long time and who, when the reunion occurs, does not want it to end. Just as I count it.

At one point, Celia, always accompanied by her inseparable "cotton-headed" husband, Pedro Night, came to the promotion. A new album brought her to Caracas and to Sábado Sensacional, when much of that program was done live. Other times. A press conference was scheduled on Friday before, at the Caracas Hilton.

But on Thursday afternoon rumors began to circulate that "The world's guarachera" had died in Colombia. Without the technological facilities of now (not even email) it was difficult to confirm the news. The label did not cancel the press conference. He just said that the meeting was going because Celia was fine.

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