Danna Paola: Life without music is not life

Danna Paola's image is not alien to Latin America. The Mexican is almost 20 of her 26 years in front of the cameras.
Now it's her turn to voice a warrior in Disney's new animated production, Raya and the Last Dragon. The film, which will be released on March 5, also gives him the opportunity to perform his most recent song, Hasta vencer. It is the second time that he has worked with the entertainment giant, since once it was Rapunzel.

For this reason, Danna offered a series of interviews with Latin American media, where she answered many of the questions in this edition.

- What let you have played a warrior like Raya?
- One of the most important messages is that you do not have to judge, but you have to trust. And that the family will always be there. I, like her, would do anything for my family. The important thing is the union and the trust.

- To what extent is a warrior like Raya?
- For work I had to go live in Madrid and the time I lived there turned me into this warrior that I am now. It cost me the process, living it and transporting it. It was very nice that I had those lessons.

- You also have the opportunity to sing the central theme.
—It's a song with the completely Disney label; different from what I do. It was something very pleasant to record, like the video clip. The work was a bit crazy but very satisfying, because music is important to me. Life without music is not life.

- In these times of pandemic, distancing so as not to get infected, how is it possible to adopt the message of trusting the other?
- Trust is part of what has accompanied us all our lives, because trusting others is something complicated. Personally, a lot of people have failed me and, for that reason, I believe that now I am a vibration radar. If someone vibes good, I'm going this way. In the moments that we live we must be less unconscious because you do not know if it is going to touch you.

- How did you take the news that you had been selected?
- I did the casting but I didn't know much about what it was about, but I really wanted to make a warrior. I can be a princess, but I can also be braver. I always wanted to study karate; besides that I love villains. I think they go a lot with me at this time of life. It's cool that characters arrive who are going to give us lessons. Raya came to give me a very nice reality check. I have a personal and professional growth after having folded it. I like seeing a woman how she can fight. Wonder Woman is one of my favorite characters. We saw it in Mulan. More than staying like a princess, I like the warrior.



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