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Danna Paola is out for a walk in Los Roques

The singer and actress of series like "Elite" is traveling with her boyfriend Alex Hoyer

The Mexican singer Danna Paola surprised her followers by visiting Venezuela and sharing part of her paradisiacal trip to Los Roques on social networks.

During the day yesterday, Thursday, May 23, the young woman uploaded photos to her social media of what his trip was like. Accompanied by her boyfriend Alex Hoyer, son of the vocalist of the Venezuelan group Los Terrícolas, Danna uploaded snapshots in which she reveals the blues that make you fall in love and the transparency of the sea.

Danna, very fond of her boyfriend, took advantage of the carousel of images that she uploaded to Instagram to portray part of the menu she tasted: delicious empanadas with garlic and parsley sauce. Furthermore, the Mexican has made it evident that she knows the Venezuelan lexicon more than necessary when using the word “arrecha.”

In addition to her partner, the “1Trago” singer shared the beauty of the archipelago with several of her friends, including her sister-in-law Marielly Hoyer and the model Valerie Leal.

More and more Venezuelan

Danna's relationship with Alex Hoyer has brought her even closer to Venezuela, and it is not the first time she has shown her admiration for the country. Last December, during the Christmas celebration, Danna shared her love for the country by learning how to make hallacas, a typical Venezuelan dish, and leaving a record on 2.0 platforms.

According to a report of Últimas NoticiasLast December, she also asked her partner what hallacas are, to which Alex responded that they are “Venezuelan tamales” before trying part of the stew.

“The hallacas are like a tamale that is stuffed with raisins, capers, olives (mine is not going to have it because I don't like them), peppers, onion…”, said the artist, and then added that the traditional Venezuelan dish is “ like our Oaxacan tamales and it is tied with jute… cabuya!”

Finally, Danna Paola commented that she and her friends were having a competition and that each one had the challenge of making eight hallacas.


I'm learning to make hallacas 🇻🇪 for Christmas 🎄

♬ original sound – Danna


On March 13, 2023, the 28-year-old girl published the name and cover of her seventh album, “CHILDSTAR,” on her social profiles. Additionally, she announced the official name change from Danna Paola to Danna.

The album was released on all digital platforms last month, specifically on April 11, and later the video for “Atari”, the first single, premiered.

The “Danna Live” tour began on March 30, with which she organized an international tour that already took her to several South American countries, such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay. Venezuela is not in her musical plans.

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