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'Covers a day' celebrates its anniversary all week

Venevisión's magazine celebrates its first year on the air as a renewed format

The Venevisión magazine, “Portadas al día”, celebrates its first year on the air this week. In gala, with luxury guests, the program that premiered a set and brought together a large train of entertainers in June 2023 promises to thank the audience for their loyalty with entertainment.

The participation of Liz, Las Chicas del Can, Víctor Drija, Gustavo Elis, Sixto Rein, Mata Rica, Karolina con K and group Los Sobraos is announced. Juan Miguel, Sandro Finoglio, Mariangel Ruiz, Kiara and the members of the Mister Venezuela 2024 jury will also be present. 

To open with a flourish, this Monday, July 8, Maite Delgado and Luis Fernando Borjas attended the show. It is important to note that the anniversary of 'Portadas al día', as a variety production, is for its revamped version. Well, many will remember that 'Portada's' was released 19 years ago.

Through their social networks, some of the show's animators expressed words of gratitude. Especially to those who, from Monday to Friday, do not miss the opportunity to connect with space.

“Our anniversary week and I can only say Thank you. I think that one of the things that I never imagined was that this studio would become my home, each one of those who are part of this project, my family, and that you would be the fuel to bring smiles even when a thousand problems may be happening outside. We continue adding moments with you,” the entertainer Isabella Rodríguez wrote in an Instagram post.

The action was supported by her partner Gesaria Lapietra who also thanked the viewer. “THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, THANK YOU FOR LETTING US INTO YOUR HOMES, into your days… there is nothing that does not motivate more than sharing with you every joy, every tear, every step forward!!”, she wrote in her personal account from IG.

As part of the celebration, this Tuesday's program revealed who will sing at the final gala of Mister Venezuela 2024. “Today we received the @katherinecoll_ who came to Portadas Al Día to present her new song 'Regálame el aire'”, the young woman will be the one who provides music for the men's contest on July 13. “She will be in charge of making us move our hips during the final gala.”

Via Instagram, the followers of 'Portadas al día' expressed their support with positive messages. “Congratulations on this anniversary and for those that will come with successes. It is a high-quality, educational and very varied program”; “Congratulations to Portada and many blessings,” and “The best program ever,” they wrote.

Of course there were also some who opted for criticism. “What a cool anniversary. What a shame to say, when the bomb is on its anniversary there are quite a few singers, a lot of joy, what a difference,” a user left in the post posted by the entertainer Jordán Mendoza.

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