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Corina Smith will continue 'TPSM' story on new album

Corina Smith let it be known that her next album is closer than you think. The Venezuelan singer, who performs this weekend in Colombia, pointed out that the work will continue the story that she began in her successful 'Triste pero siempre mami'.

“I have a new project that I dare say is part two of 'Sad but always mommy'. It's been ready for a while and well, it continues the story that was left in 'Mi amor por ti' and 'Cuídate', which are the last songs from 'TPSM', which on that album is like the end of that story, but really that is not the end,” the Caracas artist commented to the Spanish media Lo 40 a few days ago.

“Now it continues, which is the most exciting thing. Because the stories are not like that, they do not start sad and end happy, I feel that reality is different and I make that clear in the new project," commented the 32-year-old performer about the album, in which she explores everything What happens next” after the painful breakup that he narrates in 'TPSM'.

“I think people imagine that everything has a happy ending, and it's not that it wasn't, but I do feel like it was a real ending. So everything is told the same as 'TPSM', but without censorship. There is a little more bite on this new album,” she noted.

Eladio and Nicki

The album will also feature collaborations, as highlighted by Corina Smith. “I think that the safe one is always Eladio Carrión. But there I was talking to Nicki Nicole, I have a song that I already sent him and he loved it. And I feel like it's like literally a fusion between the two too much. And besides, I don't know what I'm going to surprise you with, but the cool thing is that right now, I'm just at the stage of closing it and I can start thinking about who I can think of for what." It's always a job of keeping in touch with each other, sending each other songs and seeing which ones we might like. That’s really happening all the time with artists,” she commented.

Although he gave no clues as to when the album will be on the market, he dropped some pearls about its sound.

“I've listened to a lot of dancehall and I'm also in a country stage where it's the only thing I listen to. And although my album is obviously not country, I'm always listening to new things. It will be different from 'TPSM' because it is more experimental. There is trap, because I always have trap. I have a dancehall song that I think may be one of my favorite songs on the entire album, and it's kind of sad. And I have one that is like a drill, I have never released a drill song,” she highlighted.

With Vinícius

The artist, who will perform this Saturday, June 1, also spoke about her relationship with the soccer player Vinícius Jr., who became viral and led to talk of a romance, with memes included.

“In fact, he and I sent each other the memes that everyone uploaded. Especially those from Venezuela, who say like 'Corina, the country is in your hands', 'You are the future of la Vinotinto', which is the official soccer team of Venezuela; 'Everything depends on you'... And Vini and I were laughing,” he commented during his time on the Colombian version of Los 40.

“But aren't they dating?” the interviewer asked him directly. “I mean, we are very good friends,” clarified Corina Smith.

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