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They give "The Little Mermaid" everything, again

An ocean of racism and hatred seeks to sink the live action version of the animated classic

It seems incredible that the new version of a children's film wins hundreds of critics on social networks every time Disney releases a preview of "The Little Mermaid". A couple of years ago, when its production was announced, the haters were already sharpening their tongues and polishing their fingers with the only promise of venting their anger against the film.

Because? Well, back then for the simple reason that the protagonist of it would not be a white young woman with red hair and blue eyes, but a brunette with dreadlocks and black eyes.

After a tsunami of insults, not only the team had to deal with it, but also its protagonist. Halle bailey. In various interviews, without losing her smile but touched by her surprise, the young woman accepted that it would be difficult because it was a live action version of an animated classic. One of the most important of Disney that marked the beginning of a new era in animation and that raised its popularity, wealth and development.

Fortunately, the young woman had the backing of the cartoon company who -despite that wave of insults- wanted to go ahead with her idea. For this, she activated marketing at full speed, ensuring that the young woman deserved a place in the production not only because of her charisma and sympathy, but mainly because of her impressive vocal range (in the English version). A key piece for the choice of the brunette because with the relaunch, new songs would also arrive.

the second harpoon

Bailey's youthful, fresh, wide-range voice -who already sang a duet with his sister Chloe and had even won a Grammy - ended up conquering a part of those skeptical fans. With this, Disney took a deep breath and prepared to convince with advances, once production was completed, those who were still reactive to the proposal.

Additionally, its director Rob Marshall would take it upon himself to say in multiple interviews that seeing the young woman sing and act was more than she could have expected. He also assured that after her premiere, many would find in this new Ariel (name of "The Little Mermaid") a renewed and grandiose approach to her character.

In Entertainment Weekly, Marshall confirmed that no one entered the project specifically looking to cast an African-American actress in the role. “That (Ariel's) voice is something so characteristic, so ethereal and so beautiful that it captures Eric's heart. This leads him to search for her throughout the movie. Halle still had that freshness in herself," said the filmmaker.

Found emotions

And so, Disney returned to the charge with a first teaser exposed at the D23 convention. From this on, the aspiring actress who would wear the mermaid tail was once again the target of criticism and insults. And it is that nothing convinced a group of supposed fans of the animated classic in their desire to stick the harpoon against the girl. Behind it rose a fervent racism while the production tried not to drown in embracing the idea of ​​an era that promotes diversity.

To do this, they appealed to the feelings manifested in dark-haired girls who, upon seeing the clip, recognized themselves in the skin of a fairy tale princess for the first time. These reactions, which traveled through social networks, served as counter-propaganda to the latent criticism but without being able to definitively put out the flame of hatred.

With the advance, an extract of the new version of the single "Part of his world" was shown, the most important song of the film. Which, as previously announced, was raised vocally by Halle Bailey giving space to a new support group: fans in love with Bailey.

criticize for criticize

A new low blow, with this preview of "The Little Mermaid", located the center of controversy -no longer in its protagonist- but in its special effects (CGI). Pulled out of the clip, the aim was to expose the mediocrity behind each shot.

This gained momentum after a labor crisis broke out at the studios. It was said that it would not be ready by May 26, the world premiere date, and that its quality would be deplorable. Mainly because, according to information reflected in the international media, the company subjected its effect developers to long hours without rest, bad payments and multiple projects in parallel.

While this was happening, fans criticized the fact that there was no trailer for the film and rumors of all kinds were spreading based on multiple assumptions. To date, on social networks it was assured that it would be during the Super Bowl that the world would see the final advance. That same day its protagonist denied the species. To calm the uncertainty and lower the volume of the comments, Disney released a second teaser that was once again heavily criticized.

The third time lucky

A few days before the Oscar, held this Sunday, March 12, the cartoon giant gave a final date for the debut of its promotional. It would be just during the awards ceremony.

Although the majority of the images belonged to a clip leaked on Twitter more than a month before its arrival, this time the company thought that with it, and a couple of months after reaching theaters, anxiety would calm down and the hate campaign would decrease. But no, instead, not only the critics stoned the mermaid but also one of his best friends: Sebastian the crab. And they rained again this time in the form of memes to repudiate the appearance of the character compared to the version of the animated classic.

On Twitter they did not give him rest, yes, before what seemed like an important change: the force of hatred towards the film begins to diminish. While all this is happening, Disney continues to be a trend on social networks. Not in vain many of those who stone the film today will surely also go to movie theaters. And, as the saying goes, bad or good, but let them talk.

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