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“Succession” Rises In HBO Max Top 5 Now

The award-winning and acclaimed series has three seasons on the platform

HBO Max continues to gain popularity among streaming lovers. The platform, which has not yet reached the numbers of Netflix or Disney +, has in its catalog interesting productions both in movies and series.

In this last section, the top 5 of the list of the most watched fictions highlights various genres and important stars. Two detective series, a post-apocalyptic series, a family drama and a docurreality make up the group, which we highlight below.

1- "Perry Mason"

Its first season debuted in 2020 and received critical acclaim. Starring Matthew Rhys, the series chronicles the beginnings of the famous defense attorney Perry Mason.

The story begins in 1932, at a time when the United States is recovering from the Great Depression. Perry Mason appears here as private investigator Perry Mason dealing with a Great War trauma and a divorcee. Hired for a sensational child abduction trial; His research has important consequences in his life, as well as those around him and even local leaders. The second cycle of the production premiered on March 6. There are 16 episodes in total.

2- "The Last of Us"

Despite having debuted in January, this original HBO production has already been designated as the best series of 2023.

With Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in the leading roles, the fiction is the adaptation of the famous eponymous horror video game. The plot starts from a pandemic that causes the collapse of society. Everything is caused by a fungus that left humans on the brink of extinction by transforming the infected into a kind of cannibalistic mushroom-zombies.

A couple of decades later, with the survivors sentenced to officer-guarded quarantine zones, Joel (Pascal; turned smuggler), finds himself drawn into a mission whose ultimate goal is to bring a girl named Ellie (Ramsey) to the outskirts of the quarantine zone where they will meet the Luciénargas, a paramilitary group of rebels who reject the authority of the quarantine zones. The young lady represents hope in the fight against the deadly scourge, since she is immune to it. There are 8 chapters.

3- "Succession"

This satirical drama with touches of black comedy is also an HBO original and premiered on June 3, 2018. Its fourth installment will premiere on March 26.

The fiction has received multiple acclaim from critics for its script, performance, music, production, and theme. The series has received several awards and nominations, including the British Academy Television Award for Best International Program and two wins for both the Golden Globe for Best Television Series – Drama and the Primetime Emmy for Best Drama Series. in 2020 and 2022.

The plot follows the Roy family, owners of the media conglomerate. The first season begins with the illness of Logan Roy (Jeremy Cox), the patriarch. His four children: Connor (Alan Ruck), the eldest; Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Roman (Kieran Culkin), and Siobhan (Shiv; Sarah Snook) begin to prepare for a future without their father, each beginning to compete to the death for prominence within the company. There are 29 chapters in total.

4- "Strike"

British-made, this BBC detective crime drama is also known as “CB Strike”. It is based on the literary series "Cormoran Strike" by JK Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter saga, who launched it under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

The fiction stars Tom Burke as Cormoran Strike, a war veteran turned private detective. Strike operates out of a small London office and gains fame for his ability to solve complex cases that have eluded the police. Along with Burke, Holyday Grainger stands out, who gives life to Robin Venetian Ellacott, who arrives as a temporary secretary and later becomes an essential person in solving the cases. There are five seasons in total (15 episodes); HBO premiered cycle 3 a few weeks ago (7 chapters make up the three batches).

5- "Infiltrated minor"

“Undercover Underage” is the original title of this HBO docurreality, which debuted in 2021. It follows child advocate Roo Powell and her team at the non-profit organization SOSA (Safe from Online Sex Abuse), as they work with law enforcement law enforcement to help stop and identify threatening adults who use the Internet to harm children.

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