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We tell you! Why did R'Bonney Gabriel leave the Miss USA title to her?

The beauty queen made headlines because she renounced the title that led her to Miss Universe

Obeying the succession rules applied by the Miss USA organization, Miss Universe 2022 resigned as regent. Different media echoed the news as if it were something bomb, but it is only a protocol decision.

According to a survey he did Últimas Noticias among beauty experts, it is a decision of protocol rather than a relinquishment of the American crown. So it should come as no surprise that R'Bonney Gabriel resigned with the national title and moved on to first runner-up Morgan Romano, representing North Carolina.

The same thing happened when Olivia Culpo rose as Miss Universe in 2012, so Nana Meriwether from Maryland automatically took her place in her country's franchise to be able to meet commitments, such as travel, visits to NGOs, visits to low-income children. special, sick and patients with chronic diseases.

Is something wrong with the title of Miss Universe?

"She doesn't necessarily lose the crown," commented Jerson Depablo, manager of the @reinasgrandslams account, who added that the Miss USA band provisionally goes to the first runner-up and she is the one who delivers the crown to the next beauty queen in the country. North American.

"The Miss Universe organization is interested in having its queen regent, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA, all with their well-defined tasks and all fulfilling the responsibilities that come with the band," he added.

Is there a way for Amanda Dudamel to benefit from the decision?

No. Despite the great favoritism that Miss Venezuela 2021 still enjoys and the constant criticism that weighs on Miss Universe for crowning R'Bonney Gabriel, this is a decision that was made previously, as discussed, without affecting the position of queens like Olivia Culpo.

It must be remembered that the Venezuelan asked for respect for Gabriel, since users of social networks fiercely attacked the Filipino-American and demanded her dismissal to, instead, leave the title over Dudamel.

viral news

Connoisseurs in the field of beauty agree that the procedure, which is completely normal, became relevant to the point of going viral on social networks because there are accounts that need to generate traffic.

Headlines of this type generate curiosity and favor engagement and, therefore, improve the interaction between an account on social networks with its followers.

Engagement, which measures the number of "likes", shares or comments that occur in the publications, is a percentage and is a way of measuring the success or failure of a strategy applied on 2.0 platforms.

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