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Oscar 2023 minute by minute

"Everything Everywhere at the Same Time" won the Best Picture award

Jimmy Kimmel arrived by parachute, this Sunday, March 12, on the stage of the Oscar 2023. “Welcome to the 95th edition of the Oscars. We did it! ”, He said to start a monologue that lasted for more than 10 minutes.

After mentioning various aspects related to the celebrities present, he announced that in this edition "there are 16 nominees for the first time." With jokes that involved actors and movies, the animator managed to get applause and laughter with a boring entrance, stoned by the excess script.

“If someone commits an act of violence they will be nominated and they will win the award for Best Actor and they will be able to give a 19-minute speech,” he said, mocking the moment in 2022 in which Will Smith took the award.

Continuing with his intervention, Jimmy warned that “if something violent happens, nothing will happen, maybe they will receive a hug. But if they come to the stage they will have to fight several of my friends first, face Spider-Man, The Mandalorian and even Michelle Yeoh… to finally fight Guillermo, who is my right hand man, and not Del Toro," he commented, referring to to a guarura

"All the categories are back, we will show the 23, except one that was for 'All Quiet Front', which was delivered earlier," he commented, referring to Best Foreign Film (Germany).

Some dancers came in to get the entertainer out.

Yes now…

Following Kimmel's departure, the show kicked off with the announcement of Best Animated Feature Film for Guillermo del Toro for "Pinocchio," with a Netflix-produced reinterpretation of the character. “Let's keep the animation within the conversation. I dedicate this award to my wife, children, mother and father who are still with me”.

As is customary, the Best Supporting Actor award was announced, which unsurprisingly went to Ke Huy Quan for “Everything Everywhere at the Same Time”. “My mother is 84 years old and is at home. Mom I just won an Oscar. My journey started on a boat, I spent a year in a refugee camp and somehow ended up here in Hollywood… This is the American dream,” the Vietnamese immigrant said through tears. “One day my time would come. I almost gave up on my dream. All of you keep your dreams alive. Thanks for welcoming me back. I love you, thank you, thank you, thank you."

Ke Huy Quan for “Everything everywhere at the same time”. Photo: EFE

For the women and their great performances, the winner for Best Supporting Actress was revealed, which Jamie Lee Curtis took after her first Oscar nomination for "Everything, everywhere and at the same time." “Stop. I have 45 seconds and I promised I was going to do well. I am here and I am hundreds of people, ”she said, referring to everyone who worked on the film. “We won an Oscar. To my family, my beautiful husband, our daughters, my sister, to all the people who have supported the movies I've made over the years: we won an Oscar together. To my mom and dad nominated in different categories: I just won an Oscar, ”she said crying.

Sophia Carlson and Diane Warren were the first to musically defend their nomination on stage for “Applause”, a theme from the film “Tell It Like a Woman”. The first with voice, the second on piano, they achieved a sublime interpretation, full of charisma, of the incredible ballad.

Jamie Lee Curtis after her first Oscar nomination for "Everything, Everywhere, All at the Same Time." Photo EFE

One by one

Continuing with the awards, the awards for Best Documentary went to "Navalny" (available on HBO Max); Best Short Film for “An Irish Goodbye”; and Best Cinematography for "All Quiet Ahead."

David Byrne, Stephanie Hsu and Son Lux's turn to perform at the Oscars to defend the theme “This is A Life” from the movie “Everything everywhere at the same time”.

After a break, the award for the artistic contribution of make-up artists and hairdressers was presented. The award for Best Makeup and Styling went to "The Whale," for a natural-looking job on actor Brendan Fraser, which involved constant retouching of prosthetics.

Likewise, the Oscar for Best Costumes recognized the work of "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever", for which over 2 pieces were made in total for extras and protagonists.

To defend “Natu Natu”, a theme nominated for Best Song from the film about the friendship of Hindu revolutionaries “RRR”, MM Kerevani took the stage. A choreographic display, full of energy, recreated a scene from the film with around 30 dancers. The audience recognized the talent with standing applause.

More prizes

Although at the beginning of the gala it was said that the award for Best International Film had been awarded previously, the Oscar was announced to Germany for "All Quiet Front", the anti-war classic filmed in the Czech Republic. "Thank you! This means so much to us. I owe everything to you, my team. Thanks to Netflix for supporting us, my family, the wonderful actors and producers," said director Edward Berger.

Edward Berger, director of "All Quiet on the Front." Photo EFE

It was time to recognize the Best Short Documentary for "The elephant whisperers"; and Best Animated Short for “The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse,” which featured more than 100 animators sticking to the original animation of the tale that inspired it.

Lady Gaga stripped off her luxuries to go on stage to defend her theme. “We all need a hero from time to time. Find out that you yourselves can be your own heroes even if you feel broken inside, ”she said before starting to sing“ Hold My Hand ”, the original theme of“ Top Gun: Maverick ”. Breaking with the stiff style of the award, wearing ripped jeans and faded flannel, the singer gave a lecture letting her voice be the protagonist of the evening. The public applauded her standing despite the fact that she seemed at times to be out of tune.

some technicians

The Oscar for Best Production Design went to "All Quiet Front", a film that up to now had been the big winner of the night after being at the top of the awards. And she received another one, since the Best Soundtrack also went to her whose compositions were built from a harmonium.

The Oscar winner for Best Visual Effects was, as expected, "Avatar: The Water Path."

When the clock read 10:30 pm, it was Rihanna's turn. With her spectacular voice, the Barbadian singer imbued the fifth and final song nominated for Best Original Song with charm with her interpretation of the single “Lift Me Up”. The single belongs to the movie "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever".

After the break, the awards for scripts were awarded. The original for “Everything everywhere and at the same time”. "To those teachers who educated me, inspired me and taught me to be less stupid... also to those who made me the storyteller that I am," the winners commented. And the one adapted for “Mujeres hablando”, which on screen was an almost theatrical exercise.

Daniel Scheinert and dan kwan win original screenplay and direction for "Everything Everywhere at the Same Time." Photo EFE

Immediately afterwards, Best Sound for “Top Gun: Maverick” and Best Song were announced, which was “Natu Natu” by RRR.

In free fall

Actor John Travolta introduced Lenny Kravitz at the piano, with his voice cracking, to remember the personalities of the film industry who passed away this past year.

In the final stretch, the strong prizes would be announced after 11:05 at night. Best editing, which translates the time, rhythm and scene of a film, would recognize "Everything everywhere and at the same time" with the Oscar.

Continuing with the planned order, the award for Best Director was revealed. The Daniels (Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert) took the prize for "Everything, Everywhere, All At The Same Time." “This is dedicated to all the mothers and fathers in the world who never crush the creativity of their children, especially mine. Directors are nothing without their team of actors, creatives, family. The world is opening up to the idea that we are all products of our context. You guys taught me to release creativity and enjoy it. There is genius in each one of the people and it is there waiting to erupt”, they said visibly happy when collecting their award.

Brandan Fraser wins the Best Actor Award for The Whale. Photo EFE

Tick ​​tock, the gala is over and with it the winner for Best Actor was announced. No surprises Brendan Fraser took the award for "The Whale." “So this is what the multiverse looks like! I am grateful to the director for throwing me and dragging me to do it. Gentlemen, it's an honor to be named with you in this category (he told the other nominees). I started in this business 30 years ago and if there is something that I did not value at the time until it stopped, it was time. Thank you to each one of you," said Fraser, visibly touched by emotion.

The award for best actress was also sung. Michelle Yeoh was the big favorite and ended up being the winner. The Hong Kong native made her way to the Hollywood screen in 007's “Tomorrow Never Dies.” “Thank you to all the boys and girls who look like me. This is a light of hope and possibilities. This is proof that dreams come true. And ladies don't let anyone tell you your time is up never give up. I dedicate it to all the mothers in the world who are the true superheroes and without them none of us would be here”, she said happily. "This is history, thank you."

Mechelle Yeoh wins the best actress award for "Everything Everywhere at the Same Time." Photo EFE

Without a commercial break, Harrison Ford delivered the last award of the night: the Oscar for Best Picture. Escape, reflection or emotional connection recalled how movies can transform lives to sing that "Everything everywhere at the same time" took the award. “You guys saw our weirdness and supported us for a year and that was amazing. We made this film to say that no one is more important than another, ”commented his producer.

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