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Marlene: the most successful debut and the most mysterious farewell

His star and his songs have survived the passage of time and his retirement

The “ja ja jamameee” became as famous, or even more famous, than the “Love me” that the Guyanese Marlene immortalized in 1982, on her album. The only one of her career.

Born in Puerto Ordaz on February 9, 1955, Marlene Estefanía Arias died in Miami on February 1, without knowing anything about her life for 40 years. Her social networks are still full of memories and declarations of love and wonder at the mystery that surrounded her for 40 years.

It seems unbelievable how a recording lasted over time without having had more promotion from its central figure. Marlene did not grant an interview. She did not do promotional tours; much less a concert or a showcase that would support the album.

And yet, the album sold over 150 copies at the time. A figure that surely increased over time and when it was published in other formats.

Enzo Casella, who was commissioned by Sonorodven to carry out the promotion plan for the self-titled album by whom, with that production, launched as a soloist, recalled that “I never understood why he withdrew. I met her as a showgirl for José Luis Rodríguez in Viña del Mar, when he was successful. Later, in her company, her repertoire director, Carlos Montenegro, signed it and sent it to Madrid to record with Juan Carlos Calderón. He was delighted and wrote some new songs for her and others that he had already done ”.

One of them is “Don't you notice that I'm shaking”, which Lolita Flores had recorded for him five years earlier. This, plus the promotional single that identified the telenovela “La heredera”, and “Qué nos pasa esta mañana”, were part of the most listened to trilogy of the self-titled album, the debut… and farewell to it.

Because just as she arrived, Marlene left. A few days before the formal launch of her production, she recorded some segments for “Sabado Sensacional” which are the only surviving videos of her.

Likewise, the photo of the cover is also one of the few (if not the only one) that is available.

However, following her death last Wednesday, the journalist Karla Ávila revealed a special photo on her twitter account when she shared a photo with Marlene at school, which she accompanied with this dedication: “Goodbye dear Marlene, Loyola Valiente, sister Ignaciana, beautiful human being and extraordinary singer, unforgettable for her beautiful voice. We love you. Rest in peace. I carry you in my heart".

The disc can be downloaded on Amazon for $8.99. In Mercado Libre in Venezuela, the vinyl record is also offered by some users. One of Lara's has it at a rate of eight dollars; while another in Guárico, in five.

Spotify, for its part, has an average of 15 monthly listeners. Being "Love me" the track with the most listens, exceeding 350 thousand. Similar story on YouTube, where its flagship theme exceeds a million views. While the others in the trilogy reach 400 views each. Also on this platform you get the "Sensational Souvenir" that five years ago published "Sensational Super Saturday."

talented. This is how Mirla Castellanos defined Marlene. Before launching as a soloist, "La voz de Guayana", as she became known due to her participation in talent contests since she was a child, she was a backup singer for various artists. Among them from “La Primerísima”.

From Madrid, Castellanos remembered her as “a very talented girl and willing to learn and work. When I found out about her death, I was shocked, because she was still very young. We don't know if she was sick or what. But it was very unfortunate that she retired so young and, now, the death of her ”.

Inspiration and reality In 2006, Kiara ventured to record a version of “Ámame”. At the time of her (1987) it was said that the same label had launched Lara looking for the niche that Marlene had opened, but that was left up in the air with her strange farewell.

“He was a source of inspiration for many, including me. I remember being in my car going to the University and listening to her on the radio… I imitated her at the top of my throat with her songs. I was impressed by her soprano range of hers. I didn't know her. I felt a lot of respect when I did her version and now I remember it, ”commented Kiara following the death of the singer, who was left with more glory than sorrow in the local public.

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