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"Intoxicated bear": exaggerated story of nature and drugs

The film, pulled from the hair, is inspired by a real case

Universal Pictures' "Intoxicated Bear" is now in theaters. The film presents a far-fetched story despite being inspired by a real case. It is obvious that the Hollywood recreation stretches the gum freely while using all possible gadgets to turn this mammal into an unrecognizable predator: addicted to cocaine, depressed, angry, aggressive and bloodthirsty.

After close-ups and sequences full of adrenaline, dismemberments, smoked chases and explosions of blood, the film deflates as it becomes impossible to put together something logical around an implausible story.

And so, in the room, your viewer goes from laughing at the animal's crazy attacks to being bored with horrors resulting from a number of absurd sensitive situations. Which, by the way, lead nowhere.

Made with about $35 million and directed by Elizabeth banks, "Intoxicated Bear" aroused a lot of expectation just because of its title and its trailer, which went viral on social networks.

Written by Jimmy Warden and produced by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, it is based on the true story of a 79-pound black bear who died in the Georgia mountains in 1985 after eating from a bag of cocaine that fell from a smuggler's plane. The death of the smuggler, who appeared wrapped in his parachute near a residence, is also recreated in the film, with all the irony of his death.

But the problem with the film is essentially that stupidity without background, parliament or speech becomes anecdotal misfortune. And the film does not seem to go beyond the joke without logic whose laughter, when it becomes redundant, becomes annoying.

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